Having tried countless options from Kettle Brand chips, I’m yet to try something that I disliked. In fact, I would go so far as to say I enjoyed about all the flavors I’ve had. So when I found myself in front of a bag of Kettle Brand MAPLE BACON chips, the only question that went through my mind was whether I was going to end up unwillingly eating the entire bag.


I have an easy way to describe what I found in these chips. Get some bacon. Cook it up nice and crisp. Do it in a pan, not in the microwave.  And I’m talking about five strips, nice and crispy.

Put the bacon on a plate. Cover part of the bacon with a thin layer of maple syrup. Don’t drown it in syrup, but don’t just pour a little bit in the corner of a plate to dip in.

That’s what these chips are like. Bacon covered in syrup.

syrup-baconIt is, by far, not the best way to eat bacon. Some might even suggest that bacon covered in syrup is not as good as bacon on its own. I might agree, but I’ll tell you that, without a doubt, if I’m eating pancakes or waffles with a side of bacon (by which I mean that I wasn’t unexpectedly OUT of bacon at the time I made that breakfast), I will have at least one strip of bacon dipped in syrup.

Just like the scenario I described above, these chips have a nice maple flavor, but the bacon taste is realistically too subtle. If you put the word “bacon” on a side of a bag of chips, I’m expecting a little more.

That’s not to say that the chips are bad. In fact, I’d absolutely rate these chips WAY above average. They’re absolutely a tasty snack. Unlike the Chicken & Waffles chips from Lays, the maple taste isn’t too sugary here, which means the opportunities for eating these chips are far greater than with the Lays option – which are almost more of a dessert chip.

As with all Kettle Brand chips, the texture is very consistent. They’re not too thick, but they’re still really crunchy.

Did I eat the entire bag? Not in one sitting, but that’s only because I want my wife and son to try some, that way they’ll be convinced we need to keep buying them. There are certainly not enough to let any of my friends try them. Not in this bag, anyway.