I’ve yet to have a type of Kettle Brand chips that I disliked, but the Hot Jalapeno options were a bit disappointing.

When I eat Jalapeno chips, I expect them to be spicy. With the word “hot” on the label, written amidst a flaming red pepper, I was mentally prepared for the heat.

That’s one of the reasons this was a disappointing experience: there was no heat.

I’m not some guy who loves really hot foods. I don’t take pride in enduring hot food better than my friends. That’s just not who I am. I do better than just tolerating heat, and I can find enjoyment in it, but it just didn’t exist in this snack. My wife, who doesn’t much care for spicy food, confirmed that the chips weren’t hot.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had jalapeno chips which weren’t spicy, which occurred with the Krunchers brand option, so I was okay that it wasn’t a hot food. the disappointment continued, though, as the Kettle Brand chips were very light on the Jalapeno flavor. Essentially, all these chips had going for them was the kettle-cooked essence, which was decent, but all in all the chips strike out.

I’ll continue to enjoy Kettle Brand chips, but the Hot Jalapeno chips aren’t going to be a future purchase unless someone says that Ketle Brand changed them up to fix the fact that they lack flavor and heat.