Apparently breasts are inappropriate for toddlers, even when they’re covered up.  Or maybe PBS doesn’t want the fathers of young children enjoying even a moment of the shows they’re forced to watch.

Katy Perry was slated to perform a duet on Sesame Street with Elmo where they sing a variation of “Hot And Cold”, one of Katy Perry’s hit songs that she modified such that it centered around Elmo changing his mind about whether or not he wanted to play.

Because of the reaction the video got on YouTube, the performance was pulled from the show.

Not familiar with Katy Perry (or want a refresher on what she looks like)?  Here’s the cover of August’s Rolling Stone magazine on which she’s featured.

Katy Perry on Rolling Stone

Katy Perry on Rolling Stone (click to enlarge)

Sesame Street undoubtedly knew what Katy Perry was all about before they asked her to be on the show.  They knew that part of her fame was due to her ample chest, but they decided that her fun nature would fit in well with the Sesame Street crowd.

Also, I don’t know who picked out her outfit – whether Katy brought it with her or whether the Sesame Street folks picked it out, but someone had to approve it ahead of the filming.

Was her outfit cleavage revealing?  Sure, but it didn’t do anything to accentuate her chest (if anything it minimized the awesomeness).  Was there too much “jiggle” as some sources mentioned?  My computer monitor isn’t all that big and the version I saw on YouTube (which you can see below) isn’t in high definition, but I don’t think there was much opportunity to see “jiggle”, as the video had her running all over the place in an outfit which kept her chest constricted.  In fact, I’d rather see her run around in a tight fitting sweater than the outfit she was wearing.

Detractors have said that the outfit was inappropriate, saying that it’s not the sort of thing that should be worn to work, to a parent’s house for dinner or to speak at a pre-school.  In actuality, the outfit is more appropriate when playing “dress up” with innocent-minded little kids than it is anywhere else.

So here’s the video which is causing all the uproar about censorship vs indecency:

This Society Slam isn’t meant for Katy Perry, it’s meant for Sesame Street for pulling a relatively harmless segment from their show because of a vocal minority who don’t like the outfit.  If you thought the outfit was potentially too provocative, you should’ve changed it ahead of time.  If you thought the outfit was fine (which it is), then you should’ve stuck to your guns and not let a few parents change your program.

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