We’re now four films into the Jurassic Park franchise, and while there are differing opinions as to the quality of the third and fourth films, things could’ve been much worse.

According to Yahoo Movies, there was a concept 14 years ago that would’ve taken the absurdity in Jurassic Park to extreme levels. Thankfully these crazy rumors are likely more than just rumors thanks to Carlos Huante, a concept artist who was working the project. Sharing to his Instagram, he gives us a glimpse of the Man-Dinosaur hybrid they were toying with, complete with arm cannon.

That’s right, a weapon for an arm.


Even without the arm cannon…

Jurassic-4_concept_d2999ca0710f53ed Jurassic-4_concept_a3f94c9ac

Makes Jurassic World seem all the better, doesn’t it?

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