A stroll through IMDB let me know that today is the birthday of hottie Julie Benz, so let’s take a couple moments to celebrate a woman who deserves more appreciation for just how sexy she is.

Perhaps you’ve seen her on Dexter, No Ordinary Family, or a couple dozen other roles she’s been in.

None of the pictures are going to be from Punisher: War Zone or whatever installment of SAW she was in. Though you could call her a MILF in No Ordinary Family, it didn’t show how hot she was like in other roles. The dirt & grime from Rambo? Not here either.

If you happened to walk into the room while your wife / girlfriend / mother / friend was watching Desperate Housewives, Julie Benz had a particularly steamy lesbian role with the also-hot Dana Delaney.

It’s possible she was one of only three good things about Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

I’d have pics from Dexter, but turns out all the best ones involve her being fully nude alongside the show’s leading man, so you’ll have to take a quick search on Google to find those yourself, ’cause this site is PG-13.
For now.