Jim Harbaugh at Baseball GameA lot has been made of Jim Harbaugh’s, uh, dorkiness over the years. There were those photos of him, a successful, extremely well-compensated NFL coach shopping for his own “dad pants” at Walmart. You know, the ones that probably drive the NFL merchandising department nuts because there’s not an NFL logo on it so they can’t charge some ungodly amount for everyone to own a pair.

Jim Harbaugh at Baseball Game 2Being the cool guy he is, Harbaugh accepted and even played into this label with his recent commercial for Dockers. You know, the one where he finally puts on a better pair of pants and his daughter doesn’t recognize him anymore.

Well, it’s clear that Jim Harbaugh is his own man and he’s never going to change. He owns the ‘dorky dad’ stereotype. Just look at him at today’s matinee game between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals.

You don’t need to adjust your monitor. That is Jim Harbaugh, NFL Coach and the greatest thing since Bill Walsh if you ask some 49ers fans, bringing his own baseball mitt to the ball game.

There are so many questions to ask here. Most notably, what are the odds that you’re going to have a foul ball come your way when you’re right up against the net?!

Okay, so the master of preparation doesn’t think everything through.

But he gets a pass. Because he might be the coolest guy in his own little dorky way. And if you were wondering about what pants he wore to the game. You guessed it: tan slacks.

Jim Harbaugh at Baseball Game 3

Good for you, Jim. Good. For. You.