Effective immediately, Jerry Sloan has resigned as the head coach of the Utah Jazz.  To many, that might not be too shocking.  Coaches resign all the time, so what makes this any different, you might ask?

1988.  That’s when he took over as head coach of the Jazz, and he has held the position since then.  He is the only coach in NBA history with 1,000 wins for one team.  Only one season with the Jazz did Sloan fail to reach the 40-win mark during a season in which he coached at least 55 games.  He leaves the team after only 54 games this season, already having amassed 31 wins.

He had nearly a .500 winning percentage in the playoffs for Utah, amassing 96 wins in 198 games.  He won the Western Conference twice and hadn’t missed the playoffs since 2005.

Reports are stating that Sloan resigned due to a lack of support from ownership, who were apparently not backing up the head coach enough as Sloan was encountering issues with a young star player.  He and Deron Williams, the team’s star point guard, have been known to have serious clashes.  One recent encounter between the coach and player resulted in a situation where “at least two Jazz players feared that the coach and star could come to blows”.

Jerry Sloan is joined in his resignation yesterday by his longtime assistant coach Phil Johnson.  At least for the time being, Assistant coach Tyrone Corbin will take the reigns of the squad.

Source: YahooSports