Back in early August, when the rumors were swirling that Brett Favre was going to stay retired (just as the rumors have been saying for the better part of the past decade), I heard something which I thought couldn’t possibly be true.  I started writing an article on it and then decided to just stop, as I figured it was unsubstantiated.

Two months later, the story is finally starting to spread.

That’s Jenn Sterger.  She’s one of the hosts of the sports show “The Daily Line” on the Versus network.  She’s a hottie with a body (which she’s proud to say includes some bits which are bought & paid for), she’s interesting as a television personality, she looks great in a cowgirl hat, as you can tell from the shirt she’s wearing in that picture she used to work with the New York Jets, and apparently now the word is that Brett Favre had texted her naughty photos of himself.

Fellas, it’s cool for HER to send YOU naughty photos.

It’s NOT cool for you to send them to her, irregardless of whether or not she asked you to send them… ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE AN OVER THE HILL ATHLETE WHO’S MARRIED!

Deanna Favre

That’s right, Brett.  Your wife isn’t going to be happy about all of this.

They’re texts, Brett.  What’s the best that’s going to happen, she’ll reciprocate your naughty pictures and send you some of her?  It’s not like there aren’t some great photos out there already.

Assuming Favre wasn’t trying to start up a physical relationship with Sterger (we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since his name’s not “Tiger”), Brett should’ve had one of his young, unmarried team mates contact her and just reap the benefits.

Favre had better hope that the illicit pictures he sent via text don’t surface.  I’m not saying Jenn Sterger would make them available for public consumption, but someone she knows might find a way to make that happen.  Talk about an embarrassing conclusion to a great career.