Throughout the decades the Miami Dolphins have lost plenty of games (aside from the season they went undefeated).  Plenty of players have left their organization, some through free agency, some through retirement.

Wes Welker leaving the team a few seasons ago was a big loss, as Welker is one of the leading receivers in the league over that span of time.

Losing Wes Welker pales in comparison to the the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders no longer having the services of Jaime Edmondson.

For those of you who don’t know who that is, let me introduce you.

Hot, right?

Well not only was she on the 14th season of The Amazing Race, but more importantly, she posed for Playboy.

No, not one of those pansy pictorials like the hot Olivia Munn where we get lots of skin but nothing that actually constitutes an R-Rating.

We’re talking FULLY NAKED and on display.

Not all Playboy pictorials are good.  This one definitely is.

Want more?  I thought you might.

Next week I’ll post more of my favorites.

I’m just glad she’s no longer a member of the Miami Dolphins organization, because they likely wouldn’t have allowed her to pose for these pictures.  Their loss is our gain.