SOCCER SCIENCE: Thanks to Adidas, this sweet little move will come with all sorts of numbers and measurements. Photo courtesy Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Futbol is becoming the first sport to leap into that proverbial final frontier, and it’s not a new hairstyle by David Beckham’s wife.

In case you missed it, Major League Soccer and Adidas announced a few days ago that the American soccer league will adopt the sports apparel company’s new miCoach Elite System, a comprehensive monitoring system that will relay real-time biometric information to coaches and training staff on the sidelines.

Attention, Nike and Under Armour, the bar has just been raised.

miCoach Elite System. Photo courtesy Adidas

The monitoring system will relay information on a players heart rate, speed, acceleration, distance, field position, and power to both benches via an iPad in less than a second. With that information, coaches will be able to see LITERALLY which players are gassed, which have more left in the tank, and who pound-for-pound is their best breakaway man.

Essentially, Adidas has successfully quantified the human pursuit of sport and competition, and it’s all remarkably simple. Each player will wear a base layer — a compression shirt with a data cell that will hang on their back between their shoulder blades. This cell is jam-packed with sensors capable of retrieving more than 200 data records PER SECOND. This data will then be broken down and simplified by a server of sorts and the reshaped analysis will then be relayed to iPads where personnel can look at charts either player-by-player or get a snapshot of the squad overall.

But why is this so important now? Because the technology is making its debut TODAY. The MLS All-Stars are taking on the UEFA Champions League winner Chelsea in Philadelphia in the 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game later today and the miCoach Elite System will be used in an official game for the first time.

Today’s unveiling will basically be two years of hard work coming to fruition. Adidas began its scientific research in 2010 with a concept to design the world’s first advanced performance analysis system. Along the way, the German sports apparel manufacturer consulted with several leading soccer clubs including Real Madrid, Ajax, AC Milan, Bayern Munich as well as the MLS’ own New York Red Bulls, Philadelphia Union, and Seattle Sounders FC.

But according to Adidas, this is just the beginning. In the coming years, MLS fans will be able to enjoy the technology for themselves as the system will be expanded with live, on-field displays of the information to further enhance the “game experience”.

Long-term, the breakthrough in technology could absolutely revolutionize the sport. Just think about it. We may be able to scientifically prove if and when a player flops or see matter-of-factly who touched the ball amidst a scrum in front of the goal. And from a health perspective, training-related injuries could drop off dramatically as trainers learn the quantitative signs of a human body pushing its limits.

All 19 MLS teams will use the system starting next season. Just don’t be surprised if John Connor shows up with a T-101 trying to shut the whole thing down.

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