After hearing about “The Agency” and getting a glimpse at the trailer for it, I somehow managed to get an interview with Dianna Renee, the star/writer/producer for the web series.  She was nice enough to spend some time giving us some insight into what she has been doing, which I believe is going to make for some quality entertainment (“The Agency”, not necessarily this interview).

GuysNation: For those who haven’t seen the preview of The Agency, what can you tell us about the basic premise?

Dianna Renee: “The Agency” is a fast-paced comedic look at the world of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles through the eyes of a talent agency intern, Lauren. Lauren is unique due to a peculiar trait that causes her to “lose time” at random moments throughout the day. During these brief periods of altered states, she envisions different worlds and exciting situations that help solve her problems in the real world.

“The Agency” is “The Office” meets “Entourage” at the core of a busy Talent Agency from Los Angeles, where anything can happen and anybody can show up, bringing a whole new set of unexpected situations.

GuysNation: How much of your own experiences do you bring to the character? From what I understand, you had a hand in writing The Agency?

Dianna Renee: The character I play, Lauren, is a bit of an outsider trying to get in to an industry with a lot of closed doors. I think almost anyone who’s ever wanted a job can identify with that.

Michael Korbic and I created the series as well as Produce. I wrote the Pilot which got Daniel Bort involved as our third Producer. A lot of what I wrote in the Pilot is based off of my “real” experiences. Some are dramatized a bit, others are just the way they happened.

We love exposing the dark, but humorous, underbelly of the Entertainment Industry. We’re continuing to cast on Facebook, but the next major casting will be from people who send us their own experiences in the entertainment industry. We’ll create a walk-on role, which we call the “Celebrity du Jour”, for the person who’s story we think is the funniest, raunchiest or most outlandish. But, it has to be real!

GuysNation: Just from watching the preview, it seems like The Agency has aspects of the movie Swingers, as well as possibly the show Party Down and maybe even a little “Extras”. Is that a fair assessment, or am I totally off?

Dianna Renee: We’re definitely “Swingers” fans, there’s definitely some influence in there. But we’re also heavily influenced by “potty-humor” shows and movies like “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, “Wedding Crashers” and “The Hangover”.

GuysNation: So far it definitely sounds like something the GuysNation readers will be interested in.  How does this project compare to the other things you’ve worked on?

Dianna Renee: It was so f#(&ing fun to work on! Everyone on set had a blast! The most recent film I had a hand in, “No Time to Fear” (directed by Michael Korbic) was a paranormal thriller/horror film. I also recently acted in two comedies: “Memphis Rising” (directed by Marv Z. Silverman) and “Drug Money” (directed by Edward Mendoza). Comedies seem to have more of a “free-spirited” atmosphere than when you’re working in “creepy” horror environments. I do love both genres, though. They each have their unique way of tapping into our adrenaline reserves.

GuysNation: The Agency is debuting Thursday, September 30th at 9 pm on YouTube. Is that going to be a weekly time slot?

Dianna Renee: Yes, we will be uploaded by 9pm! That will be a weekly slot.

GuysNation: How many episodes are there going to be for the initial run? Some of the shows I’ve watched take a few episodes to really get the full flavor of, and there have been a number of shows that get canceled before enough episodes are aired to do it justice. I’m hoping we’ll get enough of The Agency to at least get an accurate feel.

Dianna Renee: Since we shoot in 30 minute segments, we’ll air 3-4 episodes of 3-6 minutes a piece, take a 1-2 week break, then air another 3-4 episodes until the season is finished.  Each season will be approximately 9 to 16 episodes.  We’ll take a slightly longer break in between each season.

GuysNation: Are there any characters thus far, other than yours, of course, who you think audiences are probably going to connect with for one reason or another?

Dianna Renee: A lot of the characters are the “love to hate” types. For instance Max, played by Sally Kirkland, is a tough woman in a high-powered position. I think many women will identify with the way she has adapted to her environment in order to maintain her status in “the business”. Our male audience will get a kick out of Stubby, played by Scott Lunsford, and Cade Octane, played by Michael Masini. Both roles appear to be charicatures at first, but throughout the season things happen to them that endear them to our viewers and bring their dimension to light.

Stubby poking at Stewart Louser

GuysNation: What would we have to do to get someone to wear a GuysNation tshirt in one of the episodes? Even an extra sitting in the background of a bar, or a bum on the street…

Dianna Renee: Send us some t-shirts!

GuysNation: With that enthusiasm, might I also add that we have GuysNation thongs, too…

Dianna Renee: I think it would be perfect for the character ‘Stewart “Super Loser’ Louser”, played by Chris Turner.

GuysNation: How involved are you in the total process of getting The Agency to the audience? I know that with a lot of projects, unless there’s a major studio behind it, a lot of the cast take on additional “hats”, so to speak, to aid in the production, marketing and other aspects involved in taking the concept and getting it on film (or whatever the digital-equivalent term for “film” is).

Dianna Renee: I’m very hands on. Every one of the producers is wearing multiple “hats”. Even some of the other cast members pitch in at times. It takes a lot of work to deliver a project like this and everyone is committed to making the show the best it can be.

GuysNation: I’m not embarrassed to note that you looked hot in the still frames I saw from “Blink Of An Eye”. Where can I find that for viewing?

Dianna Renee: You’re awesome. I’m such a chick when it comes to compliments, LOL! Blink was released on DVD in the UK as part of a compilation (which is great for a short) and played the festival circuit for a while. The trailer can be seen online at: But, if you’re really nice I can send you a DVD of the full thing.

GuysNation: We’ll certainly have to talk about what “really nice” entails, as the trailer actually gets me really interested to see the full piece.

Dianna Renee: Let’s just see how the rest of the interview goes…

GuysNation: Of the huge list of actors currently in the business, who would you most like to work with, assuming that an off-screen romance was out of the question?

Dianna Renee: Let’s see, that’s a tough one. There’s so many actors I respect in the industry these days. There’s a wide range with anyone from Shia LeBeouf, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Will Ferrell all the way to Steve Martin. I met Steve Martin once when I was a kid. I told him my dad’s favorite movie was “The Jerk” and he replied, “You’re dad’s a very sick man”. My dad got a kick outta that.

GuysNation: Now let me ask the previous question again, only now without the caveat about the off-screen romance. Which actor do you pick this time?

Dianna Renee: Don’t know if my guy would be thrilled about this question, but if you twisted my arm and I just HAD to answer… Jessica Alba – Psych! Wouldn’t you love that… No, for real, Russel Brand, I hear he’s easy. But if it was simply based on looks, I’d shoot for Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Cam Gigandet.

GuysNation: Actually, the Jessica Alba answer was perfect, and I’m guessing your guy would be thrilled if you had been serious about it. Any actresses you’d really like to work with? We won’t put any caveats on this one.

Dianna Renee: I love action movies with bad ass chicks, so I’d have to say Milla Jovovich or Angelina Jolie (I’d probably hear a lot of good gossip with Angelina, though).

GuysNation: We appreciate the time you’ve spent with us on this interview and we’re really looking forward to seeing The Agency.  We’ll certainly be checking it out at 9 pm on Thursday nights for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully I didn’t make this interview too painful for you.  Would you be interested in doing another interview sometime soon after we get the chance to watch the first webisode?

Dianna Renee: Only if you send us a thong for Chris Turner.  🙂

“The Agency” can be found on Facebook and YouTube in the following locations:

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