Interesting Television Development Decisions

Some interesting television development related decisions were announced recently:

Enjoy watching The Simpsons? Can’t get enough of the 480+ episodes? According to the Los Angeles Times, FOX is considering devoting an entire network to the cartoon.

Keeping up with the trend of comic books brought to the screen, big and small, FOX is getting into the game with THE SPECTRE. According to Deadline, the producers of the series will include Bill Gerber, who worked on GRAN TORINO.

Opposite of the trend in recent years of television shows becoming movies, Mark Gordon is undertaking efforts to bring the Jake Gyllenhaal film SOURCE CODE to CBS, so says The Hollywood Reporter.

The FX Network is expanding its slate of animated series offerings. In addition to ARCHER, SpinOff is reporting that the network is also going to have a series from the folks behind IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. With Justin Long, Kristen Bell and Fred Armisen attached, thirteen episodes of UNSUPERVISED have been ordered by the network.

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