Born October 21st, 1990 in Southern California, Ruby Renegade is a Jill of all trades. This MFC(MyFreeCams) girl and budding Model has been burning up the scene for the past 3 years. Known to be very down to earth despite rumors, Ruby is the “bad” girl that you always talk about meeting. You know the one that watches wrestling, loves music , eating and sex. She also has a soft side which is shown by her love of animals, especially my dogs. She loves being a webcam model and interacting with her fans! She is a huge supporter of underground music, specifically Suburban Noize Records and SRH. This explains her back tattoo which is dedicated to SRH and SubNoize. And besides having a lot of tattoos, she is also a tattoo artist. She has also been awarded these honors:

Miss April Spade Reppin’ Hottie 2011
Potluck’s Stoner Bitch 2011
T.I.T.S Cutie of the Week 12-8-2011
Jan/Feb 2012 Inked Girls Magazine
Alt Awards 2012 Cam Model of the Year
EllisMania 8 Winner 07-2012
Import Tuner Cover 11-2012


I know…she is a busy bee. But I was able to get her to sit down long enough to answer a few questions for her fans and my readers. I hope you enjoy.


Mr. Incredible: I guess the first question is what came first, Modeling or being a Cam Girl?

Ruby Renegade: I started out just taking photos with a photographer friend of mine when I turned 18. I came across cam modeling from a friend and decided to try it out. After about a year of camming, I started to gain some traction and got offers for other “mainstream” shoots.

Mr. Incredible: Now not only do you do those two things but you are also a Tattoo artist. What made you get into that field and can I call on you for my next Tatt?

Ruby Renegade: I’ve been into tattoos for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents are tattooed, so it was really inevitable for me to become a tattooed lady. As far as tattooing goes, I’ve always been artistically inclined, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I got my first tattoo when I was 14 and that’s when I realized tattooing is where I wanted to go with art.

Mr. Incredible: Staying with the tattoo theme, how do you feel about the Ink life becoming the popular thing for people to do when they want to seem cool?

Ruby Renegade: I feel like getting a tattoo is a sort of “Rite of Passage” nowadays, which is a good and bad thing. On one hand, tattoos are works of art; on the other, sometimes people compromise quality just to get a tattoo to be cool. Some people don’t think before they act and end up with something that they’ll regret.

Mr. Incredible: When people talk about the Alt. Model look, you are one of the models they tend to bring up. How does that make you feel?


Ruby Renegade: I’m excited to be in the mix of beautiful girls that people think of when they think Alt Model. Honestly, I never would have imagined that I would have this sort of popularity when I started modeling, so I’m always flattered when people know who I am.


Mr. Incredible: Now you are also into wrestling, evident by the CM Punk/John Cena pictures you had posted a while back. What got you into wrestling and why do you still watch?

Ruby Renegade: I used to watch wrestling when I was in middle school because I was trying to be one of the boys…silly I know. When I was about 18, some friends and I went to a live event and I got hooked again. I still watch because it’s entertaining. Plus, you have to respect the athletic ability of those guys.

Mr. Incredible: Have you ever had a chance to meet any of your fav. wrestlers?

Ruby Renegade: I went to Daytona, FL for TNA’s Bound for Glory on 10-10-10 and I got to shoot with the TNA photographer. It was pretty sweet because I got to go backstage and meet a bunch of the wrestlers. I talked to RVD, Jimmy Hart, and Matt Morgan, got stared down by Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff, and hung out with So Cal Val. It was pretty awesome. If you watch the DVD, I’m right in the beginning of the fan interaction with AJ Styles!

Mr. Incredible: If you had a chance, would you rather train to be a WWE Diva or a TNA Knockout?

Ruby Renegade: I had the chance to train with the Dudley Brothers to become a Knockout if I moved to Florida…but I was also told that I should go to the WWE as a Diva because Vince could “clean up my image” better. The higher ups at TNA weren’t very comfortable with my cam modeling…haha.


Mr. Incredible: Tell us about your connection to Potluck.

Ruby Renegade: I became a fan of Potluck’s music early on so naturally, they had to be a huge part of my SRH/Sub-Noize themed back piece. Then they held a Stoner Bitch 2 contest on Facebook and I was voted #1. After that, I was in touch with them and got a chance to be in their “Last Call 4 Alcohol” music video. They’re really good people.

Mr. Incredible: Now, will we be seeing you dip a little into music?

Ruby Renegade: I don’t think I’ll ever be a singer or anything…I don’t have the voice for that haha. However, I am going to write a rap song for fun.

Mr. Incredible: Now I have to ask, will you ever follow the trend of some Cam Girls and move into the adult film business or that isn’t an option for you right now?

Ruby Renegade: I considered going into the industry early on in my cam career, but I decided to wait. Right now, it’s not on the horizon.

Mr. Incredible: What is your nerdiest pleasure?

Ruby Renegade: My nerdiest pleasure…I’m not sure. I guess the definition of Nerd got skewed with the hipster trend. I was a real nerd in school though. I love to read and do math. There’s something about algebra that is calming to me, haha.


Mr. Incredible: Whats the one thing people would be surprise to know about you?

Ruby Renegade: I’m not sure I could really surprise anyone any more. I’d like to think I’ve provided a pretty real picture of myself to the world. I guess it surprises people when I tell them I don’t eat fish…haha you know, because I’m Asian.

Mr. Incredible: What is a misconception you feel people have about Cam Girls?

Ruby Renegade: I don’t think I’m the right person to ask about misconceptions…I’ve been camming for over 3 years and I still put a lot of the top models on a pedestal. I guess when it comes to me, the biggest misconception people have is that I’m air-headed and shallow.

Mr. Incredible: Who do you think looks better in that WWE Championship belt, you or CM Punk?

Ruby Renegade: Me, obviously! No wait, CM Punk.

Mr. Incredible: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and my readers before we end this?

Ruby Renegade: I’d just like to say thank you, to everyone. It’s still overwhelming to me when I find out how many people know of me. I seriously never considered the possibility of being this popular. It’s extremely flattering.

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