Alfred Trujillo is a Mexican-American comic book artist and writer based out of Phoenix Arizona. Ever since he decided to make art is full time career Alfred has taken the industry by storm, working for companies such as Zenescope Entertainment, Big Dog Ink, Chameleon, and Moonstone to name a few. Alfred founded and co-owns 183 Degree Studio, co-creates the independent book titled Project: Shadows and has illustrated covers for various titles. He travels internationally to comic book and pop-culture conventions promoting art and teaching drawing skills in panels and workshops. Always one to give back, Alfred takes extra time with young comic fans to share his love with the medium and sketching free for children. Alfred has also appeared on multiple interviews and segments on local and national TV and radio that deal with comic book making and marketing. Transcending his talents towards an international audience who might have not been given the Chance to learn and appreciate this amazing art form.

Even though his career as an artist and storyteller is very important, family is always first with Alfred. He is a proud father of two and is an active supporter of equal parenting rights. In fact, by definition, Alfred is a true activist, fighting for every parent where ever they might be; whether it is state side or abroad. Compassion, humility and work ethic has always been his strong suite in everything towards life. 

Jack Nickelz: So what got you started on your path of art? 10320503_537639253022352_2859323138115689914_n

Alfred Trujillo: Oh, it was definitely El Hombre Araña! You may also know him as Spider-Man. I grew up reading the book in Mexico and it inspired me to make my own heroes and stories. I made my first comic at the age of 5 which was El Hombre Gato (The Cat Man). I still tell my sons bedtime stories of this character.

Jack Nickelz: Who were some of your influences as you were coming up?

Alfred Trujillo: I loved some of the second wave of Image artists, J Scott Campbell, Joe Madd, Michael Turner. These guys were making insane revolutionary moves in the comic book industry and had a cool fresh style to their work.

Jack Nickelz: Did you go to art school or are you self taught?

Alfred Trujillo: Nah! No art school. Most of my growth in art came from posting online and getting critique from the art community there. A big shout out to Loston Wallace for taking so much time helping me develop my skills as an artist!

Jack Nickelz: What was your first big gig?

Alfred Trujillo: I landed a sequential job at Zenescope illustrating a story of Herbert West Reanimator. The book was massive. About 40 pages if I recall correctly.

Jack Nickelz: what lead you to co founding 183 Degree Studio?

Alfred Trujillo: I wanted to have my own company and be able to produce and put out quality art. As of right now it’s pretty small with me doing pencils and my wife doing colors and cosplay but who knows what the future holds!

Jack Nickelz: Did you have a group of people that you wanted to work with when you created 183 Degree Studio?


Alfred Trujillo: No, but ideally I would love to work with everyone! There such a rich and diverse community in the comic book industry that it’s just a matter of making time for everyone.

Jack Nickelz: What are some of the projects that you are currently working on?

Alfred Trujillo: Over the holidays I have been working non-stop on commissions and planned prints for the convention season in the next year. Starting the New Year I will be working on my creator owned book Project: Shadows and putting out some overdue books in the series.

Jack Nickelz: If people are interested in getting some of those projects, where can they find them?

Alfred Trujillo: 183degreestudio.com is a good place to start!

Jack Nickelz: Now people can also see you at your table at various conventions. Can you tell us a bit about what the convention experience is link from your end? 1912011_625569934229283_5092598373922877656_n

Alfred Trujillo: Conventions are sooo much fun! It starts with planning, sending emails, arranging schedules and making sure all the travel plans are concrete– scrambling to find all that we want to take and making sure it fits in the car/luggage. Then there’s the travel which is always an adventure and involves lots of caffeine and often driving late at night while someone else sleeps and switching. Then setup, rearranging and organizing at the con, McGuyvering for whatever we forgot to bring and usually a night of sleep before opening day. Then it’s all a crazy blur of fist bumping, hand shaking, doing art, sending prints and originals home with happy fans and a little sleep in between. Then driving home. Usually rocking out to 80’s metal and posting the pictures to Facebook.

Jack Nickelz: What are your thoughts about what a comic artist said about Cosplayers ruining conventions for artists, especially since you share a booth with a Cosplayer?

Alfred Trujillo: It’s crap. Cosplayers are super dedicated fans. They all buy all our stuff. I think some artists are still stuck in a different time when you could just sit at your table, look down and be enough of a big shot to have people come to you. Now you have to stand, talk to people! Interact! Don’t pick up right away when the clock hits 5. And at the very least ‘look’ like you’re having fun. It’s all a part of evolution; you adapt or you become extinct. Also, pro-Cosplayers are not hurting your business. Quit looking at other people and concentrate on your own success!

Jack Nickelz: Now I also hear that the Cosplayer you share the booth with at the Rhode Island Comic Con has also done some coloring for you.

Alfred Trujillo: Yes. Cara does the coloring for our stuff. She is such a quick study and so so very talented. Keep an eye on her! She’s also editing a book at Big Dog Ink and Qwe Publishing.


Jack Nickelz: What things should we be on the lookout for from you?

Alfred Trujillo: More Project: Shadows and a lot of commission art! I will also be at a few conventions this year. So look out for me! You can also get updates at http://alfredtrujillo.com

Jack Nickelz: Thank you once again for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Alfred Trujillo: You already have all the weapons you need…Never give up! Never surrender! And…stuff and things.

For more on Alfred Trujillo, check out:

http://www.alfredtrujillo.com/  https://www.facebook.com/AlfredTrujilloArtist

http://183degree.storenvy.com/  http://alfred183.deviantart.com/