Indi Rene aka Indica Renegade is a self proclaimed “stoner wreaking havoc”, A free spirit supporting radical habits. The infamous underground beauty queen whose alter ego is an adult webcam entertainer. In talking to her, I found her to be a focused girl who knows exactly what it is that she wants to do at this point in life. Maybe that focus changed as the years passed, but she seems to be ok with that. And that, that is the allure of her charm. The girl who will smoke with you, play a little GTA V and, if you can help her beat the game, may give you a little Twerk work as a reward.


Jack Nickelz: How did you get into the world of webcam?

Indi Rene: When I was 21 I started dancing at a bikini bar, and the story begins… lol

Jack Nickelz: Now you have modeled for an album cover. Should we be expecting to see you doing more model work?

253229_364687623651931_1908666452_nIndi Rene: I’m not sure about that, we will see. I’m not a very good model! Posing is harder than most would think

Jack Nickelz: Should we be expecting to see you hook up with a company like Suicide Girls?

Indi Rene: Not suicide girls no, not interested at all, I’d much rather do underground stuff like this.

Jack Nickelz: A good amount of webcam girls have made the jump to adult film, is that something that is in your future?

Indi Rene: No D in this P … HAH! Point is no, not unless they want to start making solo films in the larger industries, I’m a one man crew xo

Jack Nickelz: As a person with ink, how do you feel about the explosion the culture has been recently?

Indi Rene: I think it’s awesome! , now that being said, who wants to cover up all my crappy tattoos?

Jack Nickelz: How do you feel about the love that alt. girls (Girls with tatts and piercings) have been getting lately?

Indi Rene: I think its rad, but not anything worth celebrating , I hate all my tattoos, and wish I would have waited till I could have afforded real work , we only get one body, NOW – my big ass gauged ears, different story, never once regretted them, so to each their own I guess, xo

Jack Nickelz: How did it feel to see your video on WorldStarHipHop?

Indi Rene: I had honestly never been on the site before

Jack Nickelz: How has social media benefited or taking away from what you do?

Indi Rene: Social media is everything now! , if you have an up and coming business it better be online!

Jack Nickelz: Now as I looked at your facebook page, you seemed to be very focused on fitness. What are some of the things you do to keep yourself in proper shape?


Indi Rene: I drink a ton of water, eat lean and as clean as possible, and workout at least an hour a day, what I eat I would have to say is why I stay in such great shape, I rarely put bad stuff in my body xo

Jack Nickelz: You claim to be a toy collector. What are some of your favorite pieces in your toy collection?

Indi Rene: CLAIM!? Oh, man I’m semi offended! One day my power rangers collection will put my children through school! LOL!!! I have EVERY toy in the box still! Megazord, Tigerzord, Dragonzord , my first Halloween costume I got to pick on my own when I was six years old was the Red Ranger, and my dad got me the gun I still have in the box that is by far my personal most prized possession

Jack Nickelz: What do you feel that some of the myths are about Webcam girls?1383925_449237948530231_195653904_n

Indi Rene: I believe in not letting a stereo type define you, be yourself do your own thing but while doing that stay humble, hold your head up high, and never talk down to anyone EVER

Jack Nickelz: How does your family feel about what you do?

Indi Rene: No one prefers it, no one loves me any less either though, xo – I have a great family

Jack Nickelz: Are you ever nervous about being recognized on the street for the webcam work you do?

Indi Rene: Hell yeah, I have mace and a taser on me at ALL TIMES- watch out folks, I would recommend only approaching me if I’m with others, because if I’m alone mace will be drawn lol!!!!

Jack Nickelz: Thank you so much for taking time out to answers questions for the readers and the fans. Is there anything else you would like to say or events or projects that you would like to promote?

Indi Rene: Thank you for having me. Feel free to check me out on…




Indi Rene aka Snow Bunny Twerk Of The Week Pt. 2 (GTA V Edition):