The Miami Heat need good things to happen to help them get over the fact that LeBron James went back to Cleveland. When King James took his talents to South Beach, the media covered how his hometown reacted, but I haven’t seen similar response to when he packed up and left the vacation spot. Tons of people live in Cleveland and love the city, but Miami? It gets treated like a rental car by tourists, and LeBron James, despite bringing them two titles, was essentially a tourist on an extended stay.

So I’m happy that Hassan Whiteside got a huge Triple Double today.


If you don’t understand what a triple double is, just notice that three statistical categories in the image ESPN created have double-digits in them. And if you don’t understand how excellent it is to get 11 blocks in a game, then you truly don’t know why I’m even writing this right now. Because 11 is a lot. I’d have to look it up, but the top guy in the league probably averages less than 3 blocks per game. Yep, apart from Whiteside, the next highest per-game average is 2.45 blocks per game.

According to ESPN, in past 3 seasons, there have only been 3 Triple-Doubles with blocks. Hassan Whiteside has all of them.