For the majority of the traditional work force, Mondays suck, and Wednesdays mark the middle of the week – when the worst is over. Here at GuysNation, we’re here to help make things better and provide a very early start to the weekend. How are we doing that? By providing our Hump Day Hotties series, a weekly feature which brings you some of the sexiest women of the world.

This week’s “Hottie” is Miss Alexis Fox, a gorgeous brunette whom you probably know from her previous appearances on Frisky Friday, where she’s VERY popular with the voters! You can follow her online through her Twitter account (@Alexis2Fox), where she has plenty of great candid pics! But to see what she looks like and appreciate her beauty, you don’t have to go to Twitter just yet. As always, we’ve got the first three rounds covered.

And for the beer lovers…