Given some of the great pics she’s shown on Frisky Friday, I begged hottie Jessica Storie to do an interview with me, and she was gracious to oblige.

GuysNation: How were you first discovered, as they say?

@JessicaStorie: Well I first started off by networking A LOT and booking shoots, so that’s basically it haha!

GN: How long did it take you to get comfortable being nude during a shoot for the first time?

@JessicaStorie: I haven’t posed nude, but pretty damn close to it, and t took me almost a year to decide to shed some clothing haha.

GN: How did you get involved in being a ringcard girl?

@JessicaStorie:  Chelsie actually asked me to ringcard with her!

GN: As you probably know, Chelsie Aryn is also one of our favorites. How did you two meet?

@JessicaStorie: We meet a little over a year ago at a group shoot in Cape Cod for Look Swimwear!

GN: It’s safe to say that I would love to get the opportunity to have drinks with the two of you and hang out for a bit. How often do you two get together aside from when you’re working?

@JessicaStorie: Well we do see each other a lot – planning shoots together and doing Cage Wars as well, and we sometimes go to the after parties!

JessicaStorie_CUAI3Tx1GN: In the pic you’ve shown on Twitter that you’ve mentioned is your favorite, which did you like better, the white boots or the lingerie?

@JessicaStorie: The lingerie for sure! My favorite set!

GN: From what I understand, you’re a singer/songwriter. What are your favorite songs to cover if you want to give people an idea of your style?

@JessicaStorie: My favorite song to cover is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis, but I have my own little twist on it!

GN: Where’s your dream vacation spot?

@JessicaStorie: The Carribean or Hawaii, maybe Cancun! Anywhere tropical pretty much haha

GN: What are some of your turnoffs?

@JessicaStorie: Bad hygiene, cockiness, poor attitude, not caring, laziness…

GN: Celebrity crush?

@JessicaStorie: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds 😉

GN: Favorite sports to watch, other than MMA?

@JessicaStorie: Football. I watch both (college and pro), but I prefer the NFL! The Patriots are my boys!

GN: Lazy night on the couch and you get to watch a movie from your collection. what do you pick?

@JessicaStorie: Maybe Django Unchained. It depends on my mood, I suppose.

GN: Stranded inside during a snow storm, but you get to watch episodes from any ONE television show. Which series do you choose?

@JessicaStorie: Family Guy or American Dad!

GN: Out of any place you’ve ever had sex…. bedroom, shower, kitchen, on the beach, wherever… which is your favorite?

@JessicaStorie: Bedroom – I just really like beds! I’ve had some crazy times don’t get me wrong, but… yeah… I like beds lol!!

GN: What was it like when you found out you won Playboy Miss Social for August 2013?

@JessicaStorie: When I saw the results I bawled my eyes out for a good 5 minutes lol! I was so happy and couldn’t believe I actually won!! it was a crazy ride that’s for sure and I’m proud to be Playboy’s Miss Social August!

GN: Have you ever been to the Playboy Mansion, or do you have any upcoming plans to go?

@JessicaStorie: I actually haven’t gone yet. Since I won PBMS though, I’ll be going there soon and I can’t wait!

GN: When you go to bed at night, whether you’re with someone or not, what are you wearing?

@JessicaStorie: Undies… and that’s it (;


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