As the GuysNation community continues to put more effort into its professional wrestling content, I thought it was only appropriate to name Trish Stratus, one of WWE’s all-time best Diva’s as today’s Hump Day Hotties representative! Who was better than Trish? Not many.

Trish Stratus was undeniably hot from DAY ONE… and this wet tshirt pictorial was just a part of that!


While some might consider that to be somewhat trashy, Trish also had quite a few photoshoots where she was all decked out in glamorous attire!


Not only that, but she was a great champion once she really took to making herself more than an eyepiece. As a competitor, she had some great performances, and I don’t think anyone could complain when Trish Stratus was holding the Women’s Championship.


Just like I would want to happen if I were on a date with her, Trish Stratus ended her career on top… as champion.


If there’s a hotter woman in the history of the WWE who was a better in-ring performer, my mind’s drawing a blank, because to me, Trish Stratus is the ultimate WWE Diva!

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