Shera Bechard and Hugh Hefner Poolside at the Palms

Shera Bechard and Hugh Hefner Poolside at the Palms

It was only two weeks ago that Hugh Hefner told the world that his engagement to Crystal Harris had broken off less than a week before the wedding, and we’re now learning that he has moved on to another blonde beauty, Shera Bechard.

The absolutely stunning Canadian Playmate was Miss November 2010, but to anyone who has taken some time to get to know her, she’s certainly more than just a gorgeous face and an incredible body. She’s talented, having won an award for her performance in the movie SWEET KARMA. She’s creative, establishing Frisky Friday on Twitter when she was encouraged to consider coming up with ways to promote herself during the fan voting for Playmate Of The Year. She cares about her fans, often spending hours on Twitter answering their questions and comments, often displaying a keen sense of humor with her responses. It’s no wonder Hef became enamored.

Hefner has responded to some of his critics, who felt he had moved on from the situation with Crystal Harris very quickly, using Twitter as a very public forum to discuss his situation. He felt that a new girlfriend “is the only logical response to heartbreak” and that he’s “still looking” for true love.

He also cleared up any confusion regarding the timing of his most recent relationships, most notably when his affections for Shera began and when things fell apart with Crystal when a question arose about Shera possibly being a reason Crystal Harris called off the wedding. He stated that his “interest in Shera came after the stunner from Crystal.”

As a friend of GuysNation, we’re hoping to get in touch with Shera Bechard for a second interview to not only discuss the relationship with Hef, but to also talk about SWEET KARMA, the movie starring Shera which several members of GuysNation were able to view this past week. Shera recently took a trip back to Canada, but we believe the interview will come in the next week or so.

For now, we’ll leave you with another stunning look at the gorgeous Shera Bechard.

Shera Bechard reclined in purple

Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend Shera Bechard