Though she only started participating in it recently, Sarah Clayton has become one of my favorite ladies to seek out on Frisky Friday. Our audience agrees, in a big way, voting her the winner of the past two installments of the weekly feature article. Needless to say that I made it a priority to get an interview withe the brunette beauty.

GuysNation: How were you first discovered, as they say?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): I attended a Playboy Casting Call and was cast to shoot for a few of their Special Edition magazine.

GuysNation:  How long did it take you to get comfortable being nude during a shoot for the first time?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Not very long, once you get situated and realize that everyone on set is really professional and has seen hundreds of naked women before it becomes easy.

GuysNation: If you’ve met Hef, what’s he like?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): I haven’t met him, YET. Look out, Hef! 😉 I would love to, he comes across as a very genuinely nice and interesting person.

GuysNation: Where’s your dream vacation spot?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Figi!

Sarah-Clayton-stairway-BG8NGQTCAAEJKXOGuysNation: What are some of your turnoffs?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Cockiness and having a bad attitude. I can’t stand when a guy is trying to hard to impress people.

GuysNation: Celebrity crush?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Mark Wahlberg.

GuysNation: Favorite sports to watch?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): NBA Basketball!

GuysNation: Lazy night on the couch and you get to watch a movie from your collection. What do you pick?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): The Godfather – GodfatherII in particular 🙂

GuysNation: Stranded inside during a snow storm, but you get to watch episodes from any ONE television show. Which series do you choose?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Wow, tough one! I *love* Revenge!

GuysNation: Out of any place you’ve ever had sex…. bedroom, shower, kitchen, on the beach, wherever… which is your favorite?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): My personal favorite is a hot tub 😉

GuysNation: When you go to bed at night, whether you’re with someone or not, what are you wearing?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): It’s usually either a pair of boy shorts and a tank or nothing at all 🙂

GuysNation: Tell me about this Up Close & Personal series. How did it start? What are your plans for it?

Sarah Clayton (@Sarah_Clayton81 ): Up Close & Personal was an idea started by Michael Donati, a filmmaker friend of mine. Our plans are to produce three short films and package them together in a set for market.


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