You’ve seen the pictures from the HOT commercials featuring Ashley Greene modeling for SoBe in nothing but body paint, and now I’ve found some videos to go along with it.

This first one, in addition to including some great shots of Ashley Greene, has some nice music to go along with it.

This second one is a short feature on the artist, but keep in mind that any time she’s working on painting during these clips, she’s painting on Ashley Greene.  For those of you who are fans of Ashley Greene like I am, there are a few key moments amongst the video which are not to be missed.

The third video features an interview with Ashley Greene which you might find interesting.

The fourth video features an interview on a show which I love – Alexa Chung, a young, hip, sexy, spunky British model-turned-interviewer.  Plus, Ashley Greene looks hot in it.  Leather hot pants for the win.