The following article contains spoilers from The Dark Knight Rises. Read at own risk.


Okay, you’ve been warned. You’re now reading at your own risk.


According to  there has been ANOTHER accident on set. First the bat mobile, or whatever the hell Chris Nolan is calling it ran into a camera, and now  Destruction of Public Property. The batwing…. has crashed into a street light. No one was hurt as Christian Bale doesn’t know how to fly on the right side of the road, so they put a dummy in his place.

It took the crew a whole hour (that they could have been spending eating catered food… so thanks a lot stunt guys for screwing up their paid lunch), but they were able to fix it and make it look JUST as horrendous as before the accident.

Why the condescending tone to such an AWESOME story? Beacause I’m still not sold on this movie. Bane is my LEAST favorite villain, (though Tom Hardy was the only person I liked in Inception) Christian Bale is still Batman, Christopher Nolan wrote it, the Catwoman suit is the catwoman suit that isn’t, based on all the video I’ve seen… Eh, whatever (Especially Banes voice which sounds like a 60 year old war Colonel from England….)

So when I see stories like this, stupid accidents like that dont impress me. Ive shot movies for .01 percent of their budget, and went accident free. They may 10,000s of dollars and they’ve had TWO stupid accidents already.  That being said, production was only halted an hour, so it didn’t halt any production of the field, but I wonder how the street light is. Im sure his pride is hurt, but has anyone checked on him?

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