Heavenly Skies - hot gamer girl

Gamer Girl :  Heavenly Skies

Mr. Incredible:  Alrighty Rating Boost fans, Mr. Incredible is back with another hot interview with a hot woman after your own heart. Now not only is she sexy…but she is also a gamer. I know, I know…perfect right. So without farther adieu, let me introduce to you Heavenly Skies.

Heavenly Skies: Oh lawd that was cute lol No prob 🙂

Mr. Incredible: Well, let me continue with the buttering up and say…the only other women that I have interviewed have been 2 pornstars, a Sex Blog writer…and a Cosplay vixen. Which by all account makes you one of the more normal ones.

Heavenly Skies: I would think so, but I may partake in a combination of all of their areas except it’s kept behind doors lol

Mr. Incredible: LOL, I just heard the sounds of a bunch of geeks Googling you as we speak.

Heavenly Skies : lol Uh oh. Well nothing much would return in the results under this alias which is awesome 😉

Mr. Incredible: Well, then let us continue on this lovely path then. How long have you been a gamer?

Heavenly Skies: I’ve been playing video games since Atari actually sooooooooo basically since I was a little kid growing up.

Mr. Incredible: Any fav. games from that time in your life?

Heavenly Skies: Dig Dug, Boulder Dash, Donkey Kong of course and there was another one with birds but I can’t even remember it but it was awesome lol

Mr. Incredible: LOL, So would you conisder yourself a hardcore gamer or more of a casual gamer?

Heavenly Skies: I think I would consider myself more of a hardcore gamer simply because I get into it more than just gaming but I’m also a clan leader lol I figure once you stop just gaming and take it to the next level in such a way then it becomes more than casual. It’s actually like a second job.

Mr. Incredible: Do you find that as a female clan leader, you may not be taken seriously as a male clan leader?

Heavenly Skies: I really couldn’t care less. People know I’m serious when I do what I say I’m going to do. I’ve held plenty of tournaments and have given out over 6000 Microsoft points as well as games and other prizes. Right now the tournament I’m holding is for a RE6 preorder which there will be two winners and one has already been confirmed. I think once people see that I’m about my business then if they didn’t take me seriously before then they definitely would now.

Mr. Incredible: You sound like you may game with a little chip on your shoulders.

Heavenly Skies: Not at all. I don’t do anything to prove myself to anyone, I’m just a firm believer in my word being relied upon.

Mr. Incredible: So is it safe to assume you are more Call of Duty then Lollipop Chainsaw.

Heavenly Skies: Most def lol Lollipop chainsaw was one of the worst and cheesy games I’ve ever played. I’ll play MW2 over that any day. Notice I don’t mention MW3 that’s on purpose, lol.

Heavenly Skies Gaming Disappointments

Mr. Incredible: What was your view on MW3, since you have brought it up.

Heavenly Skies: One of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I waited almost 2 hours for the midnight release to be able to get the hardened edition only to find out the game was shitty. It was the most frustrating experience ever next to the midnight release of Guitar Hero World Tour only to get home and find out that the drums didn’t work and that 90% of them were faulty yeah very disappointing to say the least.

Mr. Incredible: So would you say that Battlefield 3 was the better choice?

Heavenly Skies: Definitely not. I’d play MW3 before BF3, lol. I’m not a fan of anything about BF3.

Mr. Incredible: Wow, ok, So I take it you are a first person shooter type of person.

Heavenly Skies: Yeah I used to play Rainbow Six a lot and that was cool. I’m thinking they have a new one coming out and I might check it out even though it’s 3rd.

Mr. Incredible: What do you think of games like Borderlands and Mass Effect that blend FPS with Roleplaying?


Heavenly Skies: I was a huge ME fan until this last one killed the franchise. I also love Borderlands and can’t wait for the 2nd one to release I already have it preordered and I never preorder games.

Mr. Incredible: What about Borderlands grab at you?

Heavenly Skies: At first I hated it because when you start you’re given a lame weapon and it sucks but as you progress the weapons get better and it becomes more challenging. The “rare” weapons also stood out as a unique thing to add to the game because it made you want to do more fighting in hopes of obtaining them. Eventually that got old when everyone started modding and making super weapons but other than that it was different.

Mr. Incredible: Did you go and get the DLCs for the game?

Heavenly Skies: Yeah and they were lame lol Most of them the Mad Moxxi one being the worst. But I got the achievement for it.

“Ok, ok, I think we are gonna stop right here. This Gamer Girl is a little too sexy for Handsome Jack not to step in and occupy her time. Maybe after she sees what the Borderland King has to offer she may come back to you….NOT!!!!!”