Until a few minutes ago, I didn’t even know there was a Harley Davidson video game for the Wii, but the moment I saw a link for the review by “Video Games Awesome”, my immediate thought was that this would be a good gift for my dad: who is an owner of both a Harley Davidson Motorcycle AND a Nintendo Wii system.

After viewing their video review, I have some things to consider.  Watch the video, then see what you think about my response below.


So, their review makes me think that maybe the game’s not all that great.  The controls look like they take a bit of getting used to, and the whole “taking pictures” thing would probably cause my dad to lose interest pretty quickly unless there was a reason to build up credits (new bikes? clothes?).  The fact that at one point in the game the Video Games Awesome guys weren’t able to control the bike at all?  That makes me think that maybe I should rent the game and let my dad play it… or just wait until an unsatisfied customer sells it for cheap on eBay (and by cheap I mean “less than the cost of a game rental”).  I definitely won’t be buying it new.