At GuysNation, we know how rough Wednesdays can be, so we like to brighten them up! For the seven days leading up to Halloween we’ve been running a series of articles known as the Halloween Hotties, and while you got so see some very hot costumes, you didn’t get to see everything! Not only do you get a chance to appreciate all the sexy costumed women, but you get to vote for your favorites!

Caitlin O’Connor (@Caitlin_OConnor )

Miss Chris M (@MissChristineM)

Elise Hope (@elise_hope)

Emma Glover (@MissEmmaGlover)

Super Emma Glover

Super Emma Glover

Emma Glover as Marilyn Monroe

Emma Glover as Marilyn Monroe

Harmony Joy (@Harmony__Joy)

Jessa Hinton (@JessaHinton)

Kassie Lyn Logsdon (@MissKassieLyn)


Lori Beth Vixx (@LoriBethVixx)

SexyNatG (@SexyNatG )


Shera Bechard (@SheraBechard)

Vanessa G (@Vanessaxo ) (

Time to vote for your five favorites! (come back to vote in another session every 6 hours)

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