MYLES APART: The general consensus is that Myles Garrett is the best talent in this draft. But will he be the first pick? (Photo courtesy Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports)

  1. | Cleveland Browns
    Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

    Rumor has it the front office wants Garrett but the owner wants North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky. The Browns have a laundry list of recent failed high-round quarterback draft picks. I guess we’ll see if history repeats soon enough.
  2. | San Francisco 49ers
    Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

    Another team that needs a quarterback, but the Niners need many things. There are three terrific players that can play that highly-coveted ‘Edge’ position at the top of this draft and the Niners need one. Ultimately, I think they go with the best available while still filling a big need.
  3. | Chicago Bears
    Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

    Replacing Alshon Jeffery will be tempting, but their secondary is the more glaring need, and cornerback more so than safety. After Lattimore the cornerback pool gets cloudy. I see that being the difference maker here and having the Bears pull the trigger on Lattimore maybe a little earlier than he should go.
  4. | Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama

    A lot of people like LSU RB Leonard Fournette to go here. I think the Jaguars have bigger holes to fill. Where they need the most help is the O-line, but in this weak class they’ll probably wait to address that. Instead, they pick up a 3-Technique defensive lineman and address a similarly large need.
  5. | Tennessee Titans
    Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

    I think the Titans believe Marcus Mariota is for real and now it’s time to surround him with weapons. Williams is the kind of big, playmaking receiver offensive coordinators love and I don’t see the Titans thinking twice about snatching him off the board if he’s available.
  6. | New York Jets
    Jamal Adams, S, LSU

    I see the Jets going one of two ways here: running back or safety. And quite frankly, it’s a coin flip if Fournette is available. If not, I think the Jets take Adams, or, if he is also gone, Ohio State S Malik Hooker.
  7. | San Diego Chargers
    Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

    The Chargers will be crossing their fingers that either Lattimore, Adams, or Hooker falls to them to help shore up that secondary. In this scenario, one does, but only one. The Chargers happily take him and move on.
  8. | Carolina Panthers
    Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

    Carolina’s backfield, as it’s currently constructed, just isn’t cutting it. So you can best believe the Panthers will be popping some champagne if Fournette, far and away the best talent in a deep class, falls to them.
  9. | Cincinnati Bengals
    Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

    Depending on who you ask, Barnett is either a tremendous talent right up there with Solomon Thomas and Jonathan Allen or a middling-to-late first round pick that isn’t much to get excited about. The things is the Bengals need a pass rusher and need one badly. They’ll take the best available, and I’m betting they like Barnett.
  10. | Buffalo Bills
    O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama

    Is this where Trubisky goes? The short answer is I don’t think so. With plenty of needs on offense, Howard is more of a sure thing. And I can see the Bills talking themselves into the idea that Tyrod Taylor may still be the answer at quarterback. They hold off on a new franchise QB. For now.
  11. | New Orleans Saints
    Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

    Another team sorely in need of a pass rusher, the only problem here is there’s already been a run on them and now the Saints would be stretching. Instead, I think the Saints opt to fill a different need, albeit smaller one, and take the premier inside linebacker in Foster off the board.
  12. | Cleveland Browns
    Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

    If the front office and ownership are deciding who to take with the first overall pick between Garrett and Trubisky, I’m sure those arguing for Garrett will be reminding owner Jimmy Haslam of this possible scenario. There’s just no way Garrett falls to #12, but there’s a chance, as illustrated here, that Trubisky does. In this case, the Browns get to have their cake and eat it, too.
  13. | Arizona Cardinals
    Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

    The Cardinals need a quarterback in the worst way, so watching Trubisky go the pick before will sting. And, knowing the Browns are in the market for a QB, don’t be surprised the Cardinals move up ahead of the Browns’ second pick if Trubisky is still available. Still, in this scenario, he is not. So do they go Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes II or Watson? I think the latter.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles
    Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

    The Eagles have a lot of needs, but McCaffrey may be too hard to overlook if he’s still available. He’s been climbing up draft boards recently and the dual-threat RB would not only alleviate pressure for young QB Carson Wentz by being able to make some plays from the backfield, but he potentially gives Wentz another potent weapon as a pass catcher.
  15. | Indianapolis Colts
    Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

    The Colts have multiple needs on defense. Again, the most pressing need, as with many teams, is that Edge-type rusher, so the Colts have a decision to make. Do they reach further down the board and fill a bigger need or do they take someone higher up the board to fill a less-pressing need? I think the Colts realize ultimately they need help both on the inside and outside of their linebacker corps. and a guy like Reddick can help in both areas.
  16. | Baltimore Ravens
    Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

    The Ravens need a weapon for Flacco desperately and they’re in luck. In this mock draft, only one receiver is off the board. Davis is another big, playmaking wide out. Anyone who loves Mike Williams should love Davis in the same fashion. The Ravens will when they draft him.
  17. | Washington Redskins
    Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State

    It’s hard to get a fix on what the Redskins will do with, A, no general manager on draft night and, B, a plethora of needs. But recent history has shown that Washington is willing to make the less sexy picks and pass over guys with name recognition in favor of what one might see as blue collar-type prospects (see: Brandon Scherff, Ryan Kerrigan). I think that’s what they do with McDowell.
  18. | Tennessee Titans
    John Ross, WR, Washington

    Would the Titans really use two first round picks on wide receivers? Let me explain. First, as I said, I believe the Titans think it’s time to get Mariota a supporting cast. Second, not all receivers are the same. While Mike Williams would be perfect for lining up on the outside, John Ross is a smaller more slot-type receiver. Both actually fill different types of needs. So would someone like Miami TE David Njoku, but I think Ross is the answer here, where need and best available intersect conveniently.
  19. | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

    If Cook is available here, it’s hard to see the Bucs passing on him. One Florida State product has already worked out well for them in the first round (see: Winston, Jameis), and Cook would be a logical fit, adding another dynamic to an increasingly potent offense. Of course, the Bucs have other equally important needs. But this pick just feels right, and I think Tampa Bay’s front office will agree.
  20. | Denver Broncos
    Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin

    Offensive tackles are generally a hot commodity in the first round, but in a weaker class I think we’ll be well into the double digits in terms of picks before the first comes off the board. That bodes well, though, for the Broncos who I could actually see using not one but two high draft picks on tackles. They take whoever they like the most here. Conventional wisdom says it’s Ramczyk.
  21. | Detroit Lions
    Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan

    First team all-name division, Taco Charlton may well start the second run on Edge pass rushers. If he doesn’t go earlier (word is some teams may like him and/or UCLA DE Takkarist McKinley more than Derek Barnett) it will probably be either Charlton or McKinley who gets things going again when teams no longer feel like their reaching too far down the board for Edge rushers.
  22. | Miami Dolphins
    Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

    There are a few ways the Dolphins could go here. If Haason Reddick happens to be available, they may opt for him since there are few true outside linebackers at the top of this draft class. But here (and most likely in reality) Reddick is long gone by this point. So instead, like many teams, the Dolphins opt to pick up asset for their pass rush.
  23. | New York Giants
    David Njoku, TE, Miami

    The Giants could also opt to address their offensive or defensive lines, but I think adding another weapon for Eli Manning will be their more pressing need. The Giants haven’t had a truly dominant tight end since Jeremy Shockey. David Njoku – or even someone else from this deep tight end draft class – could be the next.
  24. | Oakland Raiders
    Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

    The amount of success the Raiders had last year covered up the fact that this team still has a lot of holes. But when Derek Carr went down and effectively ended their playoff hopes, I think their most pressing matter became abundantly clear. I think the Raiders will take the highest offensive tackle available here on their board, most likely either Robinson or Utah OT Garrett Bolles.
  25. | Houston Texans
    Patrick Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech

    The Brock Osweiler experiment in Houston failed in stunning fashion. Time to move on. Tony Romo has announced his retirement so the draft may be the best way for Houston to go. And why not native Texan Patrick Mahomes, II? Seems like a logical fit.
  26. | Seattle Seahawks
    Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah

    If Seattle comes on the clock with Williams, Davis, and Ross (doesn’t that sound like a law firm?) off the board at wide out, they’ll be disappointed. And that’s exactly what I think will happen. The Seahawks need a corner opposite Sherman, but I think the murky draft class following Lattimore will have them leaning towards a safer pick like Bolles on the offensive line. Great added protection for Russell Wilson.
  27. | Kansas City Chiefs
    Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

    I’ve already mentioned the lively debate that is this cornerback class following Marshon Lattimore several times, but it’s going to take one team to take a stab at who they like the most and begin to let the pieces fall in place. Enter Kansas City who, with other positions of need too much of a reach here in the first round with 3 QB’s drafted, take the closest thing to a safe bet in Conley.
  28. | Dallas Cowboys
    Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan

    Diluted Sample-gate has almost surely rocked Peppers’ draft stock, so the question becomes how far will he fall? Jerry Jones has never been afraid of taking a big name with equal parts upside and red flags. So I think it’s a safe bet if Peppers falls this far, he won’t make it past Dalls.
  29. | Green Bay Packers
    Charles Harris, LB, Missouri

    Following Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn’s breakup, Green Bay’s biggest position of need might be getting their signal caller a new lady friend. But in the absence of that, the Pack could use another edition to their pass rush. Charles Harris would be a nice compliment to Clay Matthews.
  30. | Pittsburgh Steelers
    Kevin King, CB, Washington

    Another team who I think will ultimately decide their best play at this point is to venture into this cornerback class and just take whoever’s highest available on their board, I almost put King’s name here as a placeholder. Maybe it really is King, but in reality it could be any of three or four cornerbacks.
  31. | Atlanta Falcons
    Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky

    The Falcons have a few needs, but they come on the clock needing an offensive guard and it just so happens none have been taken (at least in this mock) so far and Lamp – the clear-cut top prospect – is an appropriate value here late in the first round. The Western Kentucky alum won’t have to move far heading to Atlanta.
  32. | New Orleans Saints
    Adoree Jackson, CB, USC

    The Saints come back on the clock here once again in an inconvenient position. Late to the party at Pick 11 for the first run on Edge rushers, they, now at Pick 32, are late again. However, this time it is to the second run on Edge rushers. They could either bite the bullet and reach down or try to pick out a more appropriate value at a position of need like CB. People debate the pecking order of this cornerback class but there is some consensus that Jackson, at least, is a first round talent. That makes this pick here to end the first round a perfectly good one.