It should surprise no one that GuysNation is sponsoring a fantasy football league, a staple amongst male-dominated offices nationwide.  Instead of just doing things straight up, there’s a twist to this league.

As you might expect, the winner of this fantasy football league is going to get a prize, but here’s the added bonus: spectators can win as well!  More accurately, two or more individuals WILL win something, probably more – depending on the number of spectators who get involved.

Here’s how it works:

I’m going to be posting each of the rosters as drafted by teams in the GuysNation fantasy football league (GNFFL).  All you, the spectators, have to do is to indicate which team you’d like to support.  Once the championship is held, one of the spectators who placed his (or her) support behind the winning GNFFL team will not only get a free tshirt, but they’ll get to help design it as well!  If there are more than 8 spectators who put their support behind a particular GNFFL team, then 2 individuals will be picked from those spectators to receive a free shirt as well!

In case you’re afraid that you’ll support the wrong team, don’t fret.  A prize will be given to at least one spectator (dependent on the total number of spectators, possibly more than one), chosen from the group of spectators who supported a team which did not win the championship.

Each week, a write-up will be posted on GuysNation to let the spectators know the outcomes of the 4 different GNFFL games which were played that week.  Write-ups will seek to be not only informative, but also entertaining.

As the owner of GuysNation, I’m suggesting to each of the GNFFL teams that they write-up an article to let prospective spectators know why they should assign loyalties to their particular GNFFL team.

Spectator loyalties must be indicated prior to the kick-off for Week 2 NFL games.  A separate article will contain the rosters, and a third article will be used to track spectator loyalties.

To help follow the GNFFL, note the “GNFFL” tag at the bottom of this article and add it to your browser bookmarks.