Now that Tiger Woods is divorced from Elin Nordgren, what of his love life?

The past few years, the best golfer in the world has gone from city to city and (allegedly) had a different female sexual partner hookup in each city.  That situation got him in a heap of trouble back on Thanksgiving when his wife Elin found out about it.  But what now that he’s not married?

If you were Tiger Woods, and your libido was on high alert, and you could have the hottest women in the world interested in spending a fun-filled evening with you, how would you conduct yourself?

Would you go for it?

You’d be risking sponsorships, and you know the press would want to find out about it, and the ladies might be inclined to sell their stories.

Some might think that it’s not going to cost him too much more money even if he does get caught again, as most “family oriented” sponsorships are probably not going to stay with Tiger Woods anyway, and the ones he still has aren’t going away just because Tiger still likes to have his girlfriends.

What (or who) would you do?