Too hot outside? Yeah, we get it. Here are a couple ways to bring fun typically meant for outdoors into your home.

We didn’t create these, we just found them and wanted to share.

In case you wanted to find new ways to inadvertently hurt your family, friends or anything breakable.

Italian designer Emanuele Magini designed the concept:

When I was a child, my passion for football could not be completely fulfilled by playing all day in the public parks of my hometown. For this reason in the evening I used to keep on playing at home with all sort of different balls, with great joy of my mum that saw our house constantly in danger. Unfortunately, while growing up, I started to watch sport on the sofa more than actively playing it on the field. This fact was the inspiration for Lazy football, the symbol of my unstoppable passion for football, designed in a new comfortable home version.”


For another type of fun concept which is likely to lead to unexpected bruises and household mess, consider the swinging table:

If you have $8000, you can buy one here.