Just like there were rumors for years about a fourth Indiana Jones movie, talk of Ghostbusters 3 has circulated for years. Scripts had been developed, distributed to the primary actors and the director and producers, and they worked out the details to try to get everyone’s approval. Finally the folks involved with Indiana Jones came to terms and CRYSTAL SKULL came to fruition. With the Ghostbusters 3 project, scripts have been distributed, and although not everyone is on board, it looks like the movie is going to be made.

In an appearance on the Dennis Mill show, Dan Aykroyd announced that shooting is set for 2012 – with or without Bill Murray.

Apparently the story revolves around the aging Ghostbusters bringing up a new generation of supernatural investigators/vanquishers, and Aykroyd describes the script as “excellent”.

For now, we’ll just have to be nostalgic to the days where there were FOUR Ghostbusters end try our best to enjoy whatever movie is created. Who knows, even with Bill Murray involved, it still might not be any better than CRYSTAL SKULL.

Secondary source: SpinOff

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