Ok, I think we all remember the days when we were younger. We all remember the groups in school. The cool kids, the jocks and the infamous…NERDS/GEEKS. For along time being a part of this group meant you were an outcast and picked on. Your fashion sense was awful and the only dates you had were with your family members. To be a nerd or a geek was almost like a death sentence in school. BEAUTY AND THE GEEKNerds and geeks weren’t considered party animals or sex symbols. They never got invites. Many thought all they did was spend time in the basement and have Dungeons & Dragons quests all day and night. Spending their weekends glued to a computer screen reading code and laughing at binary code jokes. But in recent years that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

As if a nod to “The meek shall inherit the Earth” line, being a geek or nerd is now seen as a status symbol. To the point where the dress up you did inside your home or in your backyard, covered by fences is no a celebrated thing in large venues. As a result of this the geek or nerd girl has become a sex symbol. From actresses like Olivia Munn who have starred in big-time movies and critically acclaimed television shows to adult star Annie Cruz, being a geek or a nerd is now a proud badge women are wearing.

As I have been with GuysNation I’ve had the chance to interview a lot of beautiful women… all of whom embrace their love for being a geek and who have made being a nerd… sexy. One such female is a good friend of mine from my “Comic Lover” Facebook group. Olivia is what you would call the prototype geek/nerd girl that you will find now a days. Very pretty, a good sense of humor and a comic knowledge that would put most guys to shame. I caught up with Olivia to pick her brain on the subject of dating a geek/nerd girl. And being the trail blazer that she is, Olivia jumped on the chance to get in the hot seat to give us guys… or girls a few tips on dating a girl or great geek or nerd influence.


Mr. Incredible: First off, thanks for taking time out to do this. Now let’s start off with a simple question. since you can now find them all over modeling, music, porn and etc. Why do you thinking Geek/Nerd girls are becoming so popular now?

Olivia: So here is my answer to why nerd girls are, basically the same, just that the guys of my gen and the younger gen want to see the nerdy girl be the slut, because Nerd culture is what’s hot right now, and is what the prev gen (my gen) was about. Also, it is just good old fashioned marketing. SeX sells, right now Nerd sells so the obvious equation is Sex + Nerd Girls = $uper $ell

Mr. Incredible: Do you think there are any misconceptions about dating a Geek/Nerd girl?

Olivia: I’m not sure what the misconceptions are or aren’t really. So I can’t really answer this one.

Mr. Incredible: What is your idea of a perfect first date?

Olivia: Great Food and Engaging Conversation.

Mr. Incredible: Do you feel that on dates, guys feel like they have to prove their geekness to you in order to impress you?

Olivia: I haven’t actually dated that much to really be able to give an experienced statement on that, but I do feel a guy that was trying to get to know me would realize quickly that I respond to intelligence and humor. To get me excited in conversation they would need to have a good knowledge base of nerdom. Whether the guy feels they need to show some substance and that they have a mutual fondness for geeky things I do not know.

Mr. Incredible: What’s the geekiest thing a guy has ever done for you or given you?

Olivia: I’ve received comics, a Marvel Encyclopedia, an Apocalypse bust/statue, things like this. Oh, Soul Calibur V for Valentine’s Day last year. I love stuff like this, action figures, etc so really anyone who knows me can get me this kind of stuff and know I love it. My family and friends even get me gifts like this or things Science or Space related. My nephew gave me a huge book of Hubble and Spitzer telescope images, books by the Beat Generation authors, Video Games. My co-workers this past year all chipped in and got me 1/6 scale Taki figure from Triad, because they knew how long I’ve wanted her. These are just my interests and what I appreciate, so these are the gifts I get. I’d take a gift card to a Comic Shop or Book Store over a Victoria’s Secret gift card ANY DAY.

Mr. Incredible: What would be some advise you would give to someone trying to date a Geek/Nerd girl?


Olivia: My advice to someone trying to date a REAL Geek/Nerd girl is to just be yourself. Be genuine. Don’t try and run game or bullshit us. I can’t really speak for an entire subculture of women, but From My experience with true Nerd girls and my own personal view, we are typically smarter and more perceptive than other women. We want to be accepted as equals. Sure we want someone to dote and care for us same as other girls, but what I mean is looked upon as Mental Equals. To be considered on the same Level (lvl). Many men see women as just objects or just a girl, not a capable human being with a relevant viewpoint or valid arguments, stances, or opinions. We are proud we are a different breed, that we have very high comprehension levels, that we are aware of so much but understand there is so much more knowledge out there. We don’t want anyone dismissive to what we think. I know so many girls that try to dumb themselves down when they are around guys and it makes me sad, and a bit sick. For Nerd girls, I think we revel in the fact we may beat you in a game, know some things you don’t, and the guy that doesn’t get his ego hurt by this, but rather is impressed by our mental prowess instead… well that usually ends up to be one Lucky Guy.

 And there you have it. Just a bit of insight you can use next time you want to ask out that geek girl who looks like a playboy model or that nerd girl who looks as if she came right out of an anime. And don’t worry…you can thank me later.