For the most part MMORPGs, massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, get a pretty bad rap when brought up in popular media. Most people immediately think of World of Warcraft, Everquest, and the ridiculously overpriced monthly fee, on top of the price of the game, to even play the game. There are free MMORPGS on the market but it’s so hard to tell which of them are any good. Trust me, I’ve tried a good amount of them and it’s rare to find one that’s worth spending any amount of time on.

However, I have found one that I would like to share with the readers of GuysNation. It’s called Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE. If you’re at all familiar with the video game company ATLUS you’ll already be familiar with the use of their long running series of games that has been abbreviated SMT. Most games with the SMT title before it have their own unique story but usually will revolve around the relationship between the main character and the demons of that world. They also usually all share a feature called Demon Fusion. But more on that later.

In SMT: IMAGINE you are a young Demon Buster trainee in a post apocalyptic Tokyo. The world has been overrun by demons and over time the humans have learned to co-exist with the demons and use them to fight by their side. It is with the help of the demons that you must choose whether to fight on the side of Law, Chaos, or remain Neutral to them both in order to further assist in the revival of Tokyo to its once glorious form. Now, that’s just a brief look into it. No sense in giving away every facet of the story and not give you a reason to try the game out.

Now, to me, SMT: IMAGINE is one of the prettiest free MMORPGS you’ll find available. Most free MMORPGS offer really terrible graphics and oddly deformed characters that just look too cutesy and unnatural. But what can you really expect? It’s free, it’s not like the company making the game can shell out big bucks to make the game look pretty, right? Well, in IMAGINE that’s not the case. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into creating a visually appealing game that keeps with the style and beauty of previous games under Atlus’ SMT franchise name.

Combat wise SMT: IMAGINE doesn’t really break any new borders. It’s essentially the standard point and click combat system with a pallet of skills for the 1-0 buttons and a few of the symbol buttons. However, where SMT:IMAGINE does bring something new to the table is with the use of partner Demons. You may bring along with you a demon that you have tamed in the wild to fight alongside you. To do this you must approach the demon and perform what is called a “Greeting” and after several tries the demon becomes a digital egg and allows you to summon it into combat. Sometimes, however, the demon may choose to become aggressive and attack you instead, it’s all about being persistent because it is critical that you have a strong demon at your side.

On the topic of Demons, there is a WIDE array of demons that you can acquire in SMT: IMAGINE. Obviously, the stronger the demon is the higher level you need to be in order to tame it. But, there are well over 100 demons in SMT: IMAGINE so there is bound to be a demon that suits your needs both visually and suit your needs in combat. You can also recruit up to five demons at a time when you first start out, but as time goes on you are given more space for more demons. In time you can even learn to mount certain monsters and ride them across the vast lands of SMT: IMAGINE.

If you’re at all familiar with the SMT series the demons will look very familiar to you, especially the Atlus mascot Jack Frost.

Jack Frost, Atlus Mascot

Also, there is a feature called “Demon Fusion”. What this allows you to do is take two of your demons and fuse them together to create a new demon. Your friendship level, which can be increased once every 24 hours with a skill every character is given, the level and skills of the demon determine what attributes the new demon will have.

You will also have to choose between aligning yourself with Law, Chaos, or being Neutral. This will determine what kinds of demons you are allowed to tame. If you are aligned with Chaos then you obviously cannot befriend the angels and if you are Law you naturally cannot befriend the devils. However, if you remain neutral you may befriend them both but you will not be able to wear armor and use weaponry that are alignment specific. What I mean by that is certain pieces of armor and weaponry are only allowed to be worn only by Chaos or Law players. While this doesn’t come into play until later in SMT, it does impact you quite a bit when it does because it will decide what kind of monsters you can and cannot use depending on your option.

Alignment Chart

So, that’s the basic jist of SMT: IMAGINE. To me, it is right now one of the best free MMORPGs you can get on the market. Naturally, like any free MMO there are certain items and weapons that you can only buy with AP, AP are Aeria Points, the site that hosts IMAGINE, and you guessed it – AP can only be bought with real world dollars. However, most of the AP items aren’t crucial at all. I’ve played SMT: IMAGINE for a while and have never had a desire to spend any amount of money on the AP items so don’t feel like you’d miss anything major without them.

SMT: IMAGINE brings to the table a unique, if you’re unfamiliar with the SMT series, demon taming aspect into the MMO world. The variety of demons is astounding and there is always a newer and stronger demon for you to strive to attain.

So, if you’ve been looking for a good MMORPG but don’t want to pay $9.99 a month after paying $50.00 for the game itself – look into playing SMT: IMAGINE. It’s completely free. All you have to do is sign up at Aeria Games, download the game and play. That’s it.

If I’ve inspired you to play this then by all means contact me in the game. My username is FUJI.

The address to download and sign up to play SMT: IMAGINE is

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