Born and raised in New Orleans, Eric Hutchison is an artist, writer and animator that gained his early influences from American comics and Japanese anime. After years of success as a computer engineer and technical instructor, he decided to return to his passion and love for art. In 2011 he founded the New York based Inbeon Studios, a creative network that engages audiences through visual storytelling. Their flagship projects Crimson Huntress and Neo Revolver were launched that same year at New York Comic Con. Crimson Huntress is a gothic horror story that follows a young girl named Ember through her journey to become a great warrior in a dark world. It is now available on Comixology and Inbeon Studios has become a platform to jump start independent projects with unique creative expression. I was able to pull Eric away from his busy day in order to get him to answer a few questions.

Jack Nickelz: What first got you into drawing?

Eric Hutchison: I come from a long line of artists and really started when I was very young. My grandfather would bring me classic Warren Magazine Comics like Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie which I fell in love with and always practiced drawing from. I got into anime when I was in high school which really inspired me on a different level.

Jack Nickelz: Who are some of the artists, who you enjoyed seeing work?

Eric Hutchison: I could fill a book with all my favorite artists. My biggest influences have been Frank Frazetta, Masamune Shirow and Joe Madureira just to name a few. I find what they do absolute magic.

Jack Nickelz: How did you come up with the style that you use?

Eric Hutchison: I feel my style has grown over the years and I am always experimenting with different looks depending on the project I’m working on. My current style is a combination of anime, comics and fantasy painting that influenced me growing up.dance

Jack Nickelz: Do you do your own inking and coloring?

Eric Hutchison: Yes. I try to do as much off the computer as possible these days and I love trying different mediums. I am picking up brush inking now and have been loving it.

Jack Nickelz: Tell us a bit about Inbeon Studios?

Eric Hutchison: I wanted to create a studio that connects artist and writers to produce incredible creator owned projects. Everyone in the studio supports each other in developing their respective crafts as we build these creative worlds together. We also help comic creators to produce, publish and distribute their content across multiple platforms and promote them on social media. It has been an amazing journey.

Jack Nickelz: Can you tell us about some of the projects you currently have on Inbeon Studios?

Eric Hutchison: Our flagship project Crimson Huntress is the story of a young girl, named Ember Keane. She is thrown into a dark world of demons and darkness, where she must find her true self. This has been my heart and soul for the past few years and I am proud to be dropping the second issue in time for Boston Comic Con this year.

We also have a bunch of new projects dropping this year including Neo Revolver (Genetic Scifi) by Chris Cope, Kitsunegari (Fantasy Manga) by Talia Duci, Day & Soul (1950’s Style Thriller) by Roy Smith (Art by SJ Costello) and Zaidura Chronicles (An Elven Saga) by CJ Martin (Art by Nhan Nguyen)

Jack Nickelz: Have you ever had any of your work in any of the major companies like Marvel, Dark Horse or DC?

Eric Hutchison: Not yet. I stopped doing art after high school because I didn’t feel I could make a living at it. I had a promising carrier as a computer engineer and IT trainer before I figured out that something was missing. Some of the ideas behind Inbeon Studios was formed by conversations that I have had with people who have worked for the big 3 and have seen the changes in the industry.

Jack Nickelz: If you had a choice to do art in a comic…which comic would it be?

Eric Hutchison: Batman or Wolverine just because their awesome!

Jack Nickelz: Do you have any tips for aspiring artists?



Eric Hutchison: Don’t let your comparison to other artist stop you from doing your craft. Most of the young artist I talk to get discouraged that their work doesn’t measure up to the pro artists that they look up to. Just understand that any successful and talented person you see out there has been working for at least 10 years consistently on developing their craft. I know this feeling personally and was able to move forward with my own projects when I realized that we are all on our own journey as artists. Except yourself for where you are at any level in your development and put in work hard to get to the next level.

Jack Nickelz: Tell us about the INBEON CON?

Eric Hutchison: We extended the idea of the studio into an event. It is focused on the artists and art development. This is a con where you can get training about how to improve your craft from the artist, cosplayers that are there.

Jack Nickelz: what made you want to do your own Con?

Eric Hutchison: I just noticed how artist are sometimes treated at bigger comic cons both that exhibit and attend as guests. We have been put into “alleys” at most comic conventions so I wanted to make the artists the stars of an event for a change.

Jack Nickelz: What are you doing to make your Con different from other Cons?

Eric Hutchison: We have partnered with the Art League of long island and there will be classes during the event to help aspiring artist and comic creators to take their craft to another level. Also 50% of the proceeds of the event goes directly to the Art League to support their outreach in promoting the arts in under server communities.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Eric Hutchison: No problem. I appreciate the opportunity to share what I do. To the fans, I hope you guys check us out at www.inbeon.com and connect with us on facebook. We love receiving comments and suggestions. The feedback really motivates us to push harder. Thanks again.

For more on Eric Hutchison, check out:

http://artofhutch.com/  http://instagram.com/artofhutch  http://artofhutch.tumblr.com/  https://twitter.com/artofhutch


And don’t forget to check out The second issue of Crimson Huntress released  on Comixology