Batman: Arkham Asylum was heavily praised, winning various Game Of The Year awards and easily considered the best Batman video game of all time. Given the sales figures, there was little doubt that a sequel would be created. It was announced that in fall of 2011, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY would be released, and fans have been seeking out information about the game ever since. Along the way, the game’s developers have been releasing screen captures and the occasional trailer. With all the villains left out of the first game and hints of who would be included in the follow-up, including multiple playable characters, speculation and intrigue basically assured that ARKHAM CITY would be a best seller as well.

Mr. Freeze was hinted at in the first Batman: Arkham Asylum game, but he never appeared aside from a frosty cell door. The game had plenty of villains and didn’t need Freeze in its line-up, but fans of the villain were forced to wait for the game’s sequel to battle him.

Joker and Dr Hugo Strange have already been featured in trailers for the game, and now a new trailer for the upcoming BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY gives a glimpse into what can be expected where Mr Freeze is concerned. Fans of the storyline arc from The Animated Series will like what they see.