When I started getting interested in Ring of Honor Wrestling (former home of C.M. Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe / Nigel McGuinness and others), a few guys definitely stood out as being great talent who would be in WWE or TNA sooner than later.  As a huge fan of tag team wrestling, two of the guys I noticed were Jay and Mark Briscoe.   They’re hard working competitors who give it 110% in all the matches I’ve ever seen them in – singles or tag team.  In fact, I don’t believe I’ve seen a match involving either of the Briscoe brothers that I wanted to fast forward at any point in the match.

I was happy to hear that the former ROH Tag Team Champions received a WWE tryout before last week’s TV tapings in Philadelphia, and even happier to hear that WWE officials were impressed with them enough to schedule another tryout to further evaluate them.

I would rather see them show up in TNA because of the lack of focus WWE places on the tag team division, but however we can get the Briscoes on my television – TNA or WWE – I’m happy with it.