In somewhat of a surprise to me, the guys running the house of Halo, 343 Industries, have finally revealed the Forge Editor at RTX 2012 this past weekend. Certain Affinity, the group behind games Age of Booty, Crimson Alliance, and the multiplayer for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, is leading up development on the very popular mode. 343 did a great job keeping that a secret as I had no idea another company was working on this at all.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Forge world on display looks stunningly beautiful. No offense to Bungie here, but this is easily the most beautiful Forge environment we’ve seen to date. It also seems more like the Halo: Reach version as it’s a wide open space with very diverse places to build in. With this much space to play around in, we should be getting some very unique and interesting maps from the community. I personally can’t wait to see what’s created.

In addition to the visual side, some major changes and additions were made. Most notably, you can now set up “Player Trait Zones” which allow you to alter characteristics of players entering the space you defined. You’ll be able to change up a ton of settings including jump height, player run speed, and you can even tweak the gravity among a big list of other settings. So just imagine a massive structure where each room in the building has a different property. This feature alone is capable of bringing endless amounts of unique ideas to the table.

They’ve also made grabbing and moving objects way smoother as there’s virtually no mistake in what you’re grabbing anymore. The object highlights and displays the name of the object your targeting. Object manipulation is much easier as you can magnetize, duplicate or lock things in place with the very simple press of a direction on the controller’s d-pad.

What Halo 4 is bringing to the table looks to be fantastic. I can see more sleepless nights ahead. I could go on and on about this mode as I spent countless hours with custom maps and just messing around with friends on player made levels in Halo Reach but I won’t. I’ll let the 343 guys fill you in on all of the details with this handy video straight from RTX in Austin, Texas. Enjoy!


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