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Tim Tebow isn't even a Jet yet, but he's all but guaranteed he and Sanchez will battle in training camp. Photo courtesy Garrett W Ellwood/Getty Images

The difference between the offers was negligible. Neither the Jets nor the Jaguars heavily outbid the other which is why Broncos VP John Elway reportedly gave Tebow an opportunity to have a say in the matter.

If you believe him, Elway says Tebow didn’t want to return to Florida.

But now Tebow has come out and refuted that story by saying the Broncos had all the power. According to him, his input was never asked for and the Broncos deal with the New York Jets, snags and all, was all the front office’s doing.

This all strikes me as a bit ironic because, when news broke of Tebow being traded to gang green, all the talk was about how the NFL’s ground zero for drama just got another distraction. He won’t officially be traded until Saturday but the situation is already drawing parallels to a Jersey Shore episode.

Out in Denver, it’s a wicked case of “he said/he said”. In between spats, Tebow now has already come out and said he thinks he can compete and even possibly take the starting quarterback job away from Mark Sanchez, who the Jets spent a high first round draft pick on a few years ago.

But the truly surprising thing in all this is how outspoken Tebow has been. After appearing in a Pro-Life commercial, we knew he wouldn’t shy away from expressing his opinions, sure, but this is entirely different.

Tim Tebow

Tebow seems disappointed with how he got traded. The question is: Is he really that upset he's not going to Jacksonville? Photo courtesy Associated Press

Tebow spent the vast majority of his first two years in the NFL keeping his head down and letting his on-the-field performances speak for themselves. In that “speak softly and carry a big stick” manner, Tebow won the hearts and minds of the Denver faithful. Even John Elway himself went from publicly expressing skepticism as to Tebow’s future with the Broncos to embracing him on camera after they upset the Steelers on Wild Card Weekend.

Now it seems the two biggest quarterback names in Denver are at odds again. And just like Gale and Peeta at the box office, fans are starting to pick sides.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that both sides seem believable. If you believe John Elway that the Broncos DID, in fact, give Tebow his pick of the teams, you could see why Tebow came out and refuted the story. If he did pick New York, Tebow passed up the opportunity to return to his hometown team. The Jaguars are desperate for a playmaker that can put fans in the seats and if Florida’s prodigal son said “no thanks” what hope does anyone else have?

And if you believe Tebow, you can see why Elway would try and get out in front of the story. Tebow, like him or dislike him, is quite possibly the most beloved Broncos quarterback SINCE John Elway. Some fans probably couldn’t see why the signing of a 35-year-old future Hall of Famer was worth shipping away a quarterback just entering his third season. So Elway tried to ease the tension by painting the picture that Denver’s front office extended Tim Tebow every courtesy on his way out the door.

No matter who you believe and whether or not you believe Tim Tebow was ever realistically going to Jacksonville, the case can be made that Tebow should’ve once again just kept his head down.

By simultaneously refuting the story John Elway fed the press AND coming out and saying he thinks he can be New York’s new starting quarterback, Tim Tebow has stirred the hornet’s nest in not one but two NFL franchises. For a signal caller that endured tremendous amounts of criticism coming out of college, he certainly doesn’t see the advantage in making things easier for himself.

Tebow should’ve brushed off the opportunity for drama and Denver and just have told the media what’s done is done and he’s looking forward to being a Jet. When they asked about his future with the Jets, he should’ve just said he’s going to give every ounce of effort for New York but ultimately settle into whichever role the coaches see fit.

Do you see how, if he had said those things, we wouldn’t be talking about Tim Tebow  around the water cooler right now?

For once in his life, Tim Tebow should’ve taken the path of least resistance. Whether that path was choosing Jacksonville, a team where he would immediately be penciled in as the starter (seeing as Blaine Gabbert was nothing short of horrendous last season), or quietly accepting whatever fate came to him in New York, he should’ve just kept quiet and once again let his performances speak for themselves.

Instead, Tim Tebow has stoked the flames of two restless fan bases and undoubtedly will disappoint at least one of them.
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