Chris Rainey might’ve had a great season this year, given his skills and the focus that Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer had been placing on Rainey in this year’s Gator offense.  Some say he had the skills to be as successful as Percy Harvin was with Florida, success which lead to Harvin being a highly touted wide receiver drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and prominently featured in their offense.

Now he won’t.  Chris Rainey is going to jail because of stupidity.  Rainey let his emotions get the better of him and he stupidly (reportedly) sent threatening texts to a woman.  How threatening?

“Time to die.”

Sounds fairly threatening to me, and I don’t blame the young lady for calling the police.

The stupidity didn’t end there, though.  Reportedly Rainey sought fit to send another threatening text to the young woman while the police were still there with her.

“Wait and see what happens when they leave.”

Someone should’ve smacked this young man upside the head and tell him that no act by any individual warrants threats like that, and because he couldn’t reign in his emotions, he let that individual ruin his life.

Don’t try to tell me that the young woman in question wasn’t replaceable in Rainey’s life.  That young man had the potential to be an NFL football player, a vocation through which he would potentially meet thousands of women.  Surely one of those women could fill the void in Rainey’s life, and whatever problems Rainey had with the young woman he recently threatened could be put to history.

Instead, Chris Rainey acted stupid and sent threats to that young woman, and now his life will never fully reach the professional potential he might have achieved had he just kept his cool and maybe taken an anger management class.

Now instead of Frat Parties, Chris Rainey will be spending time behind bars in the slammer.

If that didn’t deserve a slam, I don’t know what does.  That young man cost himself millions of dollars.