In one of the first two articles in the Film Quest 12 series, I told you what I’m doing. I established why the movies on my list aren’t necessarily all “guy movies”, so if you wonder what you’re reading, go check it out (the link earlier in this run-on sentence).

Let’s get down to business with the Athletic Patient Driver Warriors of Texas… in less than a half hour.

19. The English Patient

I avoided this film as long as I could after hearing reviews which lead me to believe it was going to be a non-enjoyable experience, but given the awards it won, it was a “must see” for my quest to form opinions on Oscar / Golden Globe winning films. And it wasn’t terrible. It was really… really… long for a movie without much action. I’d recommend Lawrence Of Arabia as a good alternative.

20. Drive

Simple yet effective. The action. The dialogue. The plot. The resolution. It’s such an easy film to watch, unless you’re squeamish, because there are a handful of scenes where blood sorta jumps out at you. Definitely worth watching, and I’m betting Carey Mulligan will show up on your radar after watching.

21. Warrior

The premise and action were good, though the way it unfolds is a bit unbelievable at times. There were some great performances by all four of the principle actors in this, and that’s what really helps draw you in, even if you’re not an MMA fan.

22. Friday Night Lights

I’d recommend watching this BEFORE you watch the television series, because otherwise you’ll be disappointed just like I was. I suppose this was a decent film, but it doesn’t compare with what it turned into on television.

23. Moneyball

I like baseball and I like sports statistics even more, and even I was blown away with how much I really loved this film. Even more surprising was how much my wife liked this film, and she’s NOT a baseball / math fan in the slightest.It gave a good look into a historic run by the Oakland Athletics, a decent look into a transformative trend in the business of sports, and it also featured a great story about a man and his interpersonal relationships.

24. 30 Minutes Or Less

I expected a few more laughs (though it WAS a funny film) and a bit less profanity (what can you expect from Danny McBride?), but it was definitely worth the watch.

Potential Nominees

Best Picture: Moneyball

Best Picture: Drive

Best Picture: Warrior

Best Actor: Brad Pitt (Moneyball)

Best Actor: Joel Edgerton (Warrior)

Best Supporting Actress: Carey Mulligan (Drive)

Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hardy (Warrior)

Best Supporting Actor: Nick Nolte (Warrior)

Best Supporting Actor: Jonah Hill (Moneyball) – see it, you’ll believe it

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