I introduced Film Quest 12 in our last installment, but I’ll intro it once more… then in subsequent articles I’ll get right to business.

About Film Quest ’12 – For each of the past three years, I set a goal for the number of films I wanted to see in that year which I had never seen before and do reviews for them. 2012 is no different, and while I’ve been tracking the films I’ve watched, this is my first set of reviews. After deliberation, I’ve decided to review them six at a time, regardless of how long it takes me to get through six.

Two other side-goals I have for this quest:

– see plenty of films which were nominated for Best Picture for either the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes. The more I learn about it, I’m considering doing the analysis for the Screen Actors Guild Awards… but you get the idea

– catch films which were released more than 20 years ago

If you wonder about my movie choice options or wonder why certain chick flicks are being reviewed for a GUYS site, just realize that in the course of your life, a woman might ask you to watch one of those films, and now you’ll know what you’re in store for. Even if that’s not going to be the case for you, then either skip those reviews or commiserate with me.

Enough of the setup, let’s talk about the undead, wrestling alien slayers.


Don’t ask why I watched a flick where Brandon Routh is a paranormal detective, because I don’t have a good answer for you. I’ve heard it’s a comic book, but that’s not why I watched it. I’m a SUPERMAN RETURNS fan and I think Routh did a good job in the lead role, but that’s not enough reason for me to watch it. I don’t recall the exact situation, but it has something to do with being bored and checking through the lists on Netflix Instant and giving it a try. It was actually better than I expected (which gives you an idea for how low my expectations were). Routh and Sam Huntington have good chemistry together (Sam portrayed Jimmy Olsen in SUPERMAN RETURNS), but their characters were the only ones which left a positive impression. Taye Diggs not surprisingly gave a regrettable performance. Kurt Angle was about as good as I expected him to be, though the CGI involved was frustratingly bad.  If you want an action movie to pass some time and you don’t get bothered by mediocre plots, it’s worth a viewing on Netflix Instant. If you’re having a DVD delivered or you’re picking one up from a store / vending machine, you can probably do a lot better.


I expected a good movie and that’s exactly what I got. Paul Giamatti is a very talented actor, so take nothing away from him, the fact that his performance here wasn’t all that inspiring says more about the script not being extremely deep. The plot itself had more depth than I expected, and Alex Shaffer did a great job at giving a toned down performance for a lot of the film and kicking up the intensity when necessary. As a sports movie, this isn’t on the level of Rudy or Rocky or even Field Of Dreams, but it was good for a lighthearted drama with a few moments where it got more serious than I initially expected. I’d definitely recommend it.

?? Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40

Does this even count as a movie?? I’m not counting it as such, but it was long enough that I feel like some people would. For Kevin Smith fans or people who like to hear about celebrity lives, it’s an enjoyable way to spend part of an evening.


I went into this film with high hopes, given the award nominations it received and its cast. Kevin Bacon far exceeded my expectations, though I admit to not being a big fan of his. Sean Penn was as good as you might expect. Tim Robbins had an okay performance, but this film further reinforced my opinion that his great performance as Andy Dufresne in SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION was something of an exception to his otherwise mediocre career.  All in all, the movie wasn’t an enjoyable watch, nor was I impressed by it at all. Unless you’re trying to see all the Best Picture nominees like what I’m doing, you’d be alright to skip MYSTIC RIVER.



Though the previews to this movie looked cool, I didn’t go into the viewing with any particular expectations, and I was rewarded. Alex Pettyfer does a nice job in the lead role, and having also enjoyed his work as a side character from IN TIME, I’ll definitely be keeping him on my radar. Timothy Olyphant’s role wasn’t very robust, but he was more than adequate. While there wasn’t a significant amount of acting chops required for the role performed by Teresa Palmer, she did have to do a considerable amount of action, and she looked natural at it (a lot of which, it appears from watching special features), she did on her own. Not to mention the fact that she’s one of the most attractive young actresses in Hollywood, another reason you’ll enjoy watching this film. Speaking of beautiful young actresses, Dianna Agron gives a performance which provides yet another reason we wish they’d cancel GLEE… leaving her more time to act in things we’ll watch.

Teresa Palmer & Dianna Agron from I AM NUMBER FOUR

11. HappyThankYouMorePlease

I first learned about this film when trying to see what else Josh Radnor (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) had been involved with. As this is his pet project, I moved it way up my list. It’s a well crafted movie about a guy who is trying to figure out his life and stumbles into being a de facto guardian for a child who got lost on the subway. It has heart, a few laughs strewn about, and there isn’t a poor performance in the bunch. Kate Mara and Malin Ackerman definitely provide reasons to tune in, though Mara more for her looks and Ackerman (surprisingly) for what she brought to the role.


I wasn’t a fan of monster movies when this originally came out, and I never found myself interested in the television show, but when I stumbled upon this one in the huge list of titles available for streaming through Netflix Instant (which I highly recommend), I had to watch. Kristy Swanson is more attractive than I remember her being, and she was surprisingly believable in her action scenes. Luke Perry didn’t give a bad performance, and David Arquette didn’t annoy  me like I thought he might. It’s not quite a classic, but it’s close, and anyone looking for movies that represent that era should certainly give it a watch.

Potential Nominees

Potential Best Supporting Actor Nominee – Alex Shaffer (WIN WIN)

Potential Best Supporting Actor Nominee -Sean Penn (MYSTIC RIVER)

Potential Best Supporting Actress Nominee -Malin Ackerman (HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE)

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