As you can probably tell, is a site where people come to talk about stuff that guys would probably find interesting.

GuysNation Authors


Posts a bit about everything & anything. Founder of GuysNation. In charge of recruitment and moderation and some technical issues. But only in moderation. Wants everyone to join the FORUMS!
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Easily the most prolific writer on the site. Knowledgeable on too many subjects for his own good.

“Intern” Avery

Women. Weird stories. Wrestling. Also some things that don’t start with “W”, including his love of Twitter and its Frisky Friday.

Bryan Lienesch

Part-time columnist joining in from SportsHeadBlog. Loves movies, sports and long walks off of short piers.

Follow him on Twitter @BCLienesch

Chris Turner

Covers all things Hollywood for us, and sometimes Broadway and Sports as well. He’s also very talented on both sides of the camera.

Follow him on Twitter @CTurnerGN

Average Thomas

Guypotheticals.  Wrestling.  Women.  Awesomeness.

Mike Frandsen

Contributor who also moonlights at the Washington Examiner. Yeah, we’re lucky to have him.

Another IWC Jerk ()

He likes wrestling and other stuff, and he’s opinionated. Once he gets on a roll, you better look out…

Follow him on T

Red River Jack

Wrestling.  Television.  Strong opinions.

Shaggs (@Shaggggyd)

One of our resident Beer reviewers.

BevNerd (@BevNerd )

Special correspondent on all things food and drink.

Mark C

NASCAR.  Hunting & Fishing.  Literature.  NOT the guy who assassinated Lennon in 1980.

Sir M Hayes XIV

Video games.  Philadelphia sports.  Notre Dame. Etc. He’s usually involved in the weekly Dueling Perspectives articles for the NFL.

Mr Incredible

Movies.  Music.  Women.  Other things which boost ratings.

Ronny Carlton

Periodic contributor about Football and other stuff.


Football.  Other stuff.  One of the main contributors to the NFL Round Table discussions.


Wrestling history aficionado.  Lover of television and movies.


Movies.  Hockey.  Wrestling.  Other stuff.

Society Slam

Stupidity in society, whatever form it may take.

Writers from Years Past


Wrestling.  Video games.  Guy stuff.

BTS Junkie

Movies.  Japanese Culture.  Indie music.


Green Bay Packers afficianado.

Platinum King

New York sports.

Tim Jones

Fantasy Sports & Buffalo Sports

Bud Fisher

Sharing his interesting perspective with GuysNation, Bud Fisher doesn’t pull any punches or spare anybody’s feelings when he presents the Bud View, which often times seems like it might be the product of “questionable chemical influences”.

Gav Daddy

Football.  Wrestling.  Other stuff.



Mitch Cray

All things international futbol / soccer.


All things funny.  All things British.

Shad From DC

Haiku Master.

Crazy Kenji

Video games.  Movies.  Anime.  Haiku Master