At GuysNation, there are several things we try to do on a regular basis that you should be aware of:

Round Table Discussions – many voices are better than one, and because we have quite a few contributors here on various topics, we like to setup opportunities for them to interact with one another in discussing topics instead of covering them individually.

Frisky Friday – Easily one of the most popular parts of the site. We regularly feature the lovely ladies who like to make the end of your week a bit sweeter as they post hot pics, usually candid, always scantily clad.

Movie Reviews – With hundreds of movie review blogs across the internet, there are some great voices who have yet to be recognized by major media outlets, and we want to help amplify their voice. We’ve setup a community in which those individuals can share their perspectives, and we’re working on functionality to have those reviews feed into the means to recommend what films you’re going to enjoy watching.

Brew Review Crew – Do any three words better define “guy” than sports, women, beer? We’re trying to get serious about our beer content, and we’re looking for guys who know their beer. Contact rob [at] guysnation [dot] com if you’re interested. Who knows, you might score some free beer out of it!