You know how busy I’ve been the past 10 days?  I’m undefeated in the fantasy football league that GuysNation sponsors (I’m not even the commissioner!) and I have yet to do a fantasy recap.  The supporters deserve it, so let me give everyone an update on how things are going.  I’ll go week by week, game by game, and then list the standings at the end of the article.

Week 1

The Oakton Juggernaut beat Saints_R_Repeating by a score of 132.23 to 78.07 with Peyton Manning not surprisingly topping all scorers in the matchup.  Both squads got a goose-egg from a wide receiver, as Mike Sims-Walker went scoreless for the Juggernaut and Sidney Rice no-showed for Saints_R_Repeating.  The outcome could’ve been much different had Arian Foster not been sitting on the bench with his 42 point output.

The Future UFL All Stars topped The Midnight Show 126 to 70.  There were no real standouts for either team, however Jahvid Best nearly doubled his projected output for the FUAS, whereas Dwayne Bowe sunk TMS by severely under-performing.  Had TMS started Jay Cutler they would’ve gained an additional 8 points… and still been left in the dust.

MickVickDoggyDaycare drubbed the Carolina Sex Panthers 153.4 to 88.77, gaining three 20+ point performances (two from the NFC East) lead by Hakeem Nicks at 27.  Even with the 11.7 point swing the Sex Panthers could’ve had by starting Knowshon Moreno instead of Jonathan Stewart, MVDDc would’ve still taken care of business.

Even without the touchdown which should’ve counted for Calvin Johnson, the RawlingsRants (whose rant regarding Calvin Johnson’s catch was written here on GuysNation) solidly defeated The PPR Outlaws by a tally of 163.1 to 105.03.  Nothing on the bench of The PPR Outlaws would’ve helped them come anywhere close to the ‘Rants, given the 25+ performances by Brady, Forte and Chris Johnson.  The Outlaws should just be happy that the ‘Rants started Baltimore instead of the Giants, as that would’ve added an additional 7 points to the beating.

Week 2

The Oakton Juggernaut again rolled to victory, this time with a less impressive margin by a score of 126.5 to 115.8 over MickVickDoggyDaycare.  Peyton Manning and Andre Johnson both had 25+ point performances for the Juggernaut, while Brett Favre under-performed for MVDDc – who had Donovan McNabb sitting on the bench as a potential game changer, constituting a potential 17 point swing.  Don’t cry for MVDDc, though, as the Juggernaut had a couple of moves available which would’ve constituted a 23 point swing.

The Future UFL AllStars joined the Oakton Juggernaut at 2-0 by nearly doubling the score of Saints_R_Repeating, the final tally at 180.47 to 96.47.  Matt Schaub’s 33 points were great for the Saints_R_Repeating, but they were completely outmatched by Jahvid Best scoring 45 and LeSean McCoy talling 32 for the FUAS (whose defense scored an impressive 21 points).    The loss for Saints_R_Repeating is likely karma, as their manager decided NOT to start Arian Foster a week after Foster put up huge numbers.  Some in the league speculate that SRR’s manager isn’t paying attention, after leaving Sidney Rice in the lineup for a second straight week of inaction.

The Midnight Show got trounced in their attempt to get their first victory, as they were more than doubled up by the PPR Outlaws – 163.23 to 76.07.  Frank Gore lead the way for the Outlaws, whereas TMS once again fails to start Jay Cutler in a high scoring opportunity (27.53 points, an 11 point swing over Romo).  The PPR Outlaws could’ve had an additional 16 points had they started the Steelers defense instead of Green Bay (who performed well with a 12 point showing, albeit half of what Pittsburgh accomplished).

In another close week 2 battle, the Carolina Sex Panthers defeated Rawlings’Rants by 11 points in the 101.9 to 90.17 victory.  The ‘Rants were fortunate to gain victory, as two of its higher profile players (Anquan Boldin and Chris Johnson) both scored less than half of their projected output.  The Panthers were smart in starting Moreno instead of Stewart this time around, and while they could’ve had a 10 point swing by starting Eddie Royal instead of Greg Jennings, it would’ve still not been enough to put them on top.

The Standings

The Future UFL All Stars – undefeated with 2 wins and 306.47 total points

The Oakton Juggernaut – undefeated with 2 wins and 258.73 total points

MikeVickDoggyDaycare – 1 win, 1 loss and 269.2 total points

The PPR Outlaws – 1 win, 1 loss and 268.26 total points

Rawlings’ Rants – 1 win, 1 loss and 253.27 total points

Carolina Sex Panthers – 1 win, 1 loss and 190.67 total points

Saints_R_Repeating – 0 wins, 2 losses and 174.54 total points

The Midnight Show – 0 wins, 2 losses and 146.87 total points

A preview of the week 3 match ups will be coming tonight or tomorrow!