It’s time for members of the D.C. sports media and fans to stop piling on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder just because he’s an easy target.  Snyder hasn’t been a great owner over the last decade-plus, and in fact he has made some of the same mistakes over and over by signing free agents who didn’t work out.  Some of his marketing tactics have been questionable, and it turns out that Snyder may not be the nicest guy in the world.  Oh, and the organization has been dysfunctional without much continuity.  Ok, we get it.  How many more ways can this be said?

The latest anti-Snyder articles have been all about how the Redskins owner should not have filed a defamation lawsuit against a writer from the Washington City Paper.  The lawsuit targets an article written last fall that was highly critical of the Redskins owner.

We all know Snyder’s foibles, but it really gets old to pile on unless you have some specific news or suggestions.  Give it a rest and talk more about what is on the field than off of it.

If nothing else, Snyder brought us Mike Shanahan and his shenanigans.

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