Rosscott is a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, animator, comic artist, lover, fighter, and is generally kinda famous on the internet. He sometimes appears at conventions such as ConnectiCon, Otakon, Baltimore Comic Con, and other Something-Cons.

“I’m H always open to doing podcasts, interviews, or otherwise discuss the work I do through this site. Just email me and we’ll see what we can do.”

In addition to this blog/comic, Rosscott is also one of the MCs for Super Art Fight, a live art competition that tours the East Coast (and is always looking for more shows). He is also currently a professor of graphic design, where his students generally think this website is dumb and poorly designed for a graphic designer. They aren’t all wrong.

Jack Nickelz: Can you please tell the readers about The System? tumblr_nhoxv7iRmg1qzlx3oo1_500

Rosscott: It’s a comic made out of symbols. We are to comics what wingdings is to fonts.

Jack Nickelz: What influences what goes onto the site?

Rosscott: Swiss design for sure. Also the minimalism of comics like Garfield minus Garfield. The more subtle, the better.

Jack Nickelz: How have you incorporated social media into what you do with The System?

Rosscott: I have a twitter account? People send me cool stuff sometimes?

Jack Nickelz: Now I met you at this year’s ConnectiCon, where you also ran Super Art Fight. How important is it for you to be a part of conventions like the ConnectiCon?

Rosscott: You mean “a part” of conventions? Well ConnectiCon is where I first premiered my comic. I have a lot of friends I see there every year. Conventions remind me that the words and numbers of my analytics are real people. Real people read this stuff. That helps.

Jack Nickelz: Tell us about the podcast that you do?

Rosscott: I don’t do a podcast on the regular right now, but Super Art Fight does! I’m on it sometimes. http://www.superartfight.com/category/podcast/

Jack Nickelz: For people who don’t know, can you tell us about Super Art Fight?


Rosscott: Its Pictionary meets pro wrestling. A live action art competition with a lot of comedic aspects. But to really explain it is like dancing about architecture. Check out our YouTube channel to see it in action! https://www.youtube.com/user/superartfight

Jack Nickelz: How do you pick who takes part of the S.A.F.?

Rosscott: We have a roster of regulars that have been with us for a while. Every year we have a tournament of new people that is also a charity show called SAF Idol. Other than that, at conventions we try to pull from local talent or special guests just to keep things local and interesting.

Jack Nickelz: Now I hear that you a professor of graphic designs.

Rosscott: Yep! I taught graphic design at American University for 6 years. I don’t have any classes running currently, but I miss teaching. I love sharing what I love with other people.

Jack Nickelz: What next in store for The System?

Rosscott: More comics! Also, more books. I’ve done a “book 1” of comics, and now there needs to be somewhere between 3 and 5 more books. Then that’s it. Then I’m done.

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

Rosscott: Hi.

For more on Rosscott, check out:

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