Currently WWE is in its biggest time of year – leading up to Wrestlemania. It’s a time where fans WANT to be watching wrestling.  It’s a terrible time for TNA to have moved their Impact show to Monday nights to compete with WWE’s #1 show – RAW, but they did it anyway.  Their pay per view last weekend, Destination X, should have been strong.  It should have been used to show fans that TNA can put out a product just as interesting as WWE, a week prior to Wrestlemania 26.

With as many interesting things as TNA is currently doing, they failed at the end of their Destination X pay per view.

For those of you who didn’t see it in its entirety, I want to give you the opportunity to see just how BAD the ending to the main event at TNA’s “Destination X” pay per view was.

Thanks to whomever took the footage and set it to the Benny Hill music.