Transitioning into a post wrestling career, former WWE Superstar Edge was a guest star on last night’s season finale of Syfy’s Sanctuary. For those of you that don’t watch the show, it follows the exploits of Dr Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1 fame) and her team as they seek to protect Abnormals, people or creatures that have exceptional abilities, and to capture and contain more dangerous types. Edge plays Thelo, an Abnormal who is a leader type that several others rally around. His group is counter to what the main characters are trying to do, so in that sense he’s a ‘heel’. I won’t spoil the plot but there is a fight scene with one the main characters Will. There are no real flashes of his wrestling ability but there was textbook clothesline. I half expected Michael Cole to show up and shout ‘Vintage Edge!’ There was a point where I thought he’d hit a Spear but it did not happen. Since Edge is retired from the ring, this is a good thing as he’s trying to move on. Overall, Edge’s role was small but he performed quite well.

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