The best way to describe Eddie Murphy as an actor is that he’s diverse and prolific. To say he’s great would be to forget about all the terrible roles he performed – not all of which were doomed solely because of the script. He does have some classics, though, and those should be celebrated.

Top 5

5. Bowfinger

An under-rated performance in a movie which doesn’t get enough credit for how clever it is.

4. 48 Hours

This is the one that started it all, but certainly isn’t his best.

3. Shrek

Dismiss it as a kids flick if you want, but Beverly Hills Cop was over and his career looked like it was seemingly going to tank, and this revived it.

2. Beverly Hills Cop

There’s a reason they made three of them, and I’m sure most people who saw this movie would still recognize the Axel F theme song.

1. Coming To America

Highly under-appreciated but a brilliant flick.

Bottom 5

5. Vampire In Brooklyn

Not even the lovely Angela Basset could save this one.

4. Nutty Professor

No, I never quoted the “Hercules” line. Ever. And I rolled my eyes anytime anyone else did, and so should you.

3. Holy Man

Leap Of Faith was soo much better, and that’s not saying much.

2. Adventures of Pluto Nash

An intergalactic night club? Space mafia? No.

1. Norbit

Just… no.

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