So its Wednesday. Time to do the Guys Nation Head to Head Competitive Dueling Picks of… DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

I start with a story from the radio today. I was listening to Mike and Mike on my morning commute. Greeny was saying how Golic should be proud of the fact that he’s leading ESPN’s “experts” in their picks. Golic’s record (according to Golic, which is either off or they didn’t make a pick) 131-76 (which probably should be 77). So I left my car feeling very full of myself knowing that I wouldn’t be competing with the ESPN NFL Experts… I’d be dominating them!

So as my ego runs amok, let me state I was 13-3 last week, missing Cleveland, Green Bay, and the Jets. I am 138-70 for the season, and let me say while I have an 8 game lead in my pickem league? I only have a 7 point lead… DAMN YOU CONFIDENCE POINTS!!!!!

Wow, a Philly guy who’s running off at the mouth with an overloaded ego?  You don’t see that every day…

Alright, you didn’t come here to see me toot my own horn, but that’s just the icing I throw on this cake that are our Week 15 Picks.

San Francisco @ San Diego

San Diego looked impressive beating Kansas City. San Diego has a great offense, and good defense, and is playing for what amounts to a slim chance at the playoffs. San Fran has a slim shot too, but lacks San Diego’s talent.

MY PICK: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  Chargers.  Nothing much to say here.

Cleveland @ Cincinatti

Well… T.O. finally started chirping. Granted it isn’t vintage T.O., and was actually down right sedate for what I’m used to from Owens. Neither of these teams is good… but cleveland will at least play hard and has Peyton Hillis to hand the ball to.

MY PICK: Cleveland

Rob’s Pick:  The Browns, because they ARE a good team, they just can’t prove it each week with a victory.

Washington @ Dallas

Dallas has looked so much better since the coaching change. They almost beat the Eagles last week, and every facet of their game has improved… granted they have Jon Kitna running the offense (nothing’s gonna be perfect). The Redskins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. You have Ryan Torain running WILD, but don’t score touchdowns.. your kicker channels his inner shankapotomoous on a few occasions… and the damn HOLDER is the goat? This team is a sloppy mess, sorry Rob… but its true.

MY PICK: Dallas

Rob’s Pick:  Washington.  As a life-long Redskins fan, I can’t let myself think that there’s any other option for this game.

Houston @ Tennessee

Tennessee is limping towards the finish. Houston again will be the team that everyone loved, and let down. Ultimately with Schaub, Foster, and Andre Johnson… I’m going with the Texans, who it seems that I’ve more than most, and who’ve seemed to lose a lot of those games. Oh well, i guess I can’t quit them.

MY PICK: Houston

Rob’s Pick:  Houston.  Any team which gets that close to beating Baltimore is a good team.  Not great, but they have potential.  Right now, Tennessee looks to be on the great downward spiral.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

Indy is Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky 2. You don’t think they have a shot, and then they come roaring back. I can’t bet against Peyton here. Plus Indy’s at home?

MY PICK: Indianapolis

Rob’s Pick:  The Colts.  They’re going to be in the playoffs, Peyton Manning is going to ensure that happens, and beating Jacksonville is what you have to do.

Kansas City @ St. Louis

If Matt Cassel doesn’t play? This is a no brainer, but they think he might. Is just under 2 weeks enough for him to be 100% after his emergency apendectomy? No. But will it be enough for him to be better than backup Brody Croyle? Interesting game, with playoff implications. St. Louis is home, and has been good at home. SO?

MY PICK: St. Louis

Rob’s Pick:  Don’t overlook the Chiefs.  I don’t care who’s the QB (even though I’ve heard that the type of apendectomy he had isn’t that severe, with a short recovery time), the Chiefs are better than the Rams, and with the close proximity of these cities, there’s not a ton of homefield advantage.

Buffalo @ Miami

I feel like this could be a let down game for Miami who had an impressive win, on the road, against the Jets. Buffalo plays hard, and have been a headache for many teams. Maybe if this game was at Buffalo I’d go with the Bills.


Rob’s Pick:  The Bills.  Who doesn’t get UP for a trip to South Beach, especially for folks up in Buffalo?  I’m not overly impressed with Miami this year.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants

Rematch, with HUGE playoff implications. Who can make the adjustments. The Giants are gonna want to make Vick roll left. The Eagles are gonna need to sure up that offensive line to give Mike time. Can the Giants running game have more luck against the Eagles defense that just lost their starting middle linebacker (Stewart Bradley) and rookie defensive end, Brandon Graham?

MY PICK: c’mon people, who you THINK I’m picking? E-A-G-L-E-S… EAGLES!

Rob’s Pick:  Philly, because they seemed destined to continue this strong run.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay

Detroit coming off a huge win over Green Bay. Tampa lucks out and beats Washington. Tampa has something to play for… Detroit? Not so much.

MY PICK: Tampa Bay

Rob’s Pick:  Detroit, because they do well against good teams, and Tampa got really lucky last week (a fumbled kick-off, two short field goals shanked and a botched snap on an extra point, and only a 1 point victory?)

Arizona @ Carolina

Apologies to anyone who gets THIS game on Fox on Sunday… seriously. Anyway. We go with the team that won last week… even though I’m balking because of Arizona’s cross country trip… Could be Carolina’s 2nd win.

Pick:  Arizona

Rob’s Pick:  Arizona, because I think John Skelton has a promising future.

New Orleans @ Baltimore

This game is HUGE. Both teams are a game back in their divisions, and while it won’t sink their playoff chances, it does make it a tougher road to plow battling for a Wild Card. New Orleans has started to look like the Saints of last year… thanks in no small part to the return of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas. Baltimore is a tough team that has some quality skill positions.

MY PICK: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  Baltimore, because the Ravens defense is their strong point, and although they aren’t shutting people down anymore, they are slowing them enough to let the offense overtake them.

Atlanta @ Seattle

One of the best teams in the NFC travels to Seattle. Seattle isn’t a match for the Falcons… even in their friendly confines. Atlanta takes another step towards a bye and home field throughout.

MY PICK: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  Seattle, because this is a trap game for the Falcons with the long travel, and because the Seahawks can’t be consistent two weeks in a row, and last week they were bad.  This keeps things interesting in the NFC.

Denver @ Oakland

Oakland scored a bunch last week, but got out gunned by Jacksonville. Denver looked lost. People are wondering when Tebow will get significant time. If its this week, this is a no brainer. The only question mark I have lies with Oakland’s inconsistency.

MY PICK: Oakland

Rob’s Pick:  Oakland, because their strength is stopping the pass, and Kyle Orton has looked suspect lately.  Probably won’t be another blow-out win for the Raiders, but it will go their way.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh

Jets are plummeting towards the earth. They have looked awful the last 2 weeks. The loss to New England was embarrassing… the loss to the Dolphins was demoralizing. It doesn’t get any easier for the Gang-Green, either.

My PICK: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  Pittsburgh is going to smother the Jets.

Green Bay @ New England

A great matchup on paper… IF Aaron Rodgers is healthy. IF the Packers can establish a run game. IF they can slow down New England’s white hot offense. IF… it doesn’t snow. Seriously, the pats are the indomitable snow men! Even with a healthy Rodgers, my pick would be the same.

MY PICK: New England

Rob’s Pick:  The Patriots look unstoppable lately, and the Packers have come down to earth a bit, and I wouldn’t like to see the final score if Matt Flynn is the QB for Green Bay.

Chicago @ Minnesota

This game has moved to the University of Minnesota. So it’ll be outdoors… which could be good for the Vikings! I mean… did you SEE Chicago in the elements last week? Uuuuuuugh – LY! Oh but the Vikings are down to a 3rd string quarterback… picking up an UFL All star, or starting Bret Favre who is ridiculously banged up. It doesn’t look good for the Vikings, and I think the Bears come out wanting to prove something, after being utterly embarrassed at home last week.

MY PICK: Chicago

Rob’s Pick:  The Bears, because last week was no indication of how good they are now that they’ve got their offensive line back together, and with Minnesota having issues finding a starting QB, it’s really not looking good for the Purple People Eaters.

This is a tough week. I had some real difficulties with a bunch of games. The Confidence Point thing was rough for me this week, too… which means I’ll probably lose my lead in my league. Anyway, I can still hang my hat on outpicking the experts at ESPN!

Key Games

Washington (Rob) vs Dallas (Sir Hayes)

Kansas City (Rob) vs St Louis (Sir Hayes)

Buffalo (Rob) vs Miami (Sir Hayes)

Detroit (Rob) vs Tampa Bay (Sir Hayes)

Atlanta (Sir Hayes) vs Seattle (Rob)